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$507,000 Ghosts: Decade-Old Rejected Housing Project Yields No Progress

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Mayor and Council, North Cowichan Municipality: This project requires a NEW PUBLIC MEETING / HEARING before any approvals!


A Public Meeting was held at Mount Prevost School back in Feb 2017 with NO residents supporting the project for 64 units and 98 parking spaces. After a ‘NO GO’ Public Meeting – The Municipality of North Cowichan staff then brought it back to Council only to have the Committee Of The Whole proposing the project be increased to 95 units, 102 pkg spaces – a 50% Increase! I was on Council at the time and was shocked by the disregard of the public wishes and input!

I had suggested to M.N.C. the Tansor Gravel Pit as a location for the housing when staff asked us Councillors for possible alternative sites. Many people at the public meeting said developing the gravel pit was the RIGHT Place for Affordable Housing to be built! Surprisingly, the previous C.A.O. (Chief Administration Officer for North Cowichan) brought forward an offer to purchase the Tansor Gravel Pit from a Victoria Developer, when the Property had not been for sale. This shocked Local Developers who would have been interested, having built Projects in the immediate area, and expressed their surprise and disappointment at this backhanded move by the Municipality.

The first week Ted Swabey arrived at North Cowichan as the new C.A.O., I drove him to the Curling Club on a Friday morning to meet with the manager and Pudge Bawa, a neighbour of the Club for over 40 years, who described how during the Club’s late-night events they hold they become noisy and require parking, and it was unfathomable how the area could even be considered for an extremely large and dense housing development.


Myself, and the neighbourhood, feel this is the wrong location as a busy recreation area with curling club events, soccer events, and the Sikh Temple that all require parking. These events bring thousands of visitors to the Region, all needing somewhere to park, which would leave only Gilana Rd. to park on and which is as a residential neighbourhood. Thousands of units have, and are, still being built in the Berkey’s Corner/ Sherman Rd/ Drinkwater/ Somenos area over the past 7-years. Just ask Rob Conway, Director of Planning.

North Cowichan Taxpayers should Not Be responsible for donating ‘Free’ land and pay $432,000. + $75,000. = $507,000. to cover costs to Develop a Project that will negatively impact the neighbourhood, limit recreational parking, and increase traffic with access along Sherman Rd, and the overfill for school pick up. What about the children, youth, and seniors who participate in and love to watch Curling and Soccer? Where will they park? Look at the site plan density – Where is the parking?! At what cost does the Council see this cram-jammed housing being stuffed in this space? This is a bad plan at every turn!

Concerned Citizen, Joyce Behnsen

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Thea Fast 12/22/2023 - 10:42 PM

I am very concerned about glyphosate and all the chemicals and poisons they’re putting in the bush and in the water. I do not want wild food sources impacted by pharmaceutical companies or poisoned by corrupt governments captured by pharmaceutical companies.


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