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Berkey’s Corner Part 2

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Our July edition featured a short article on Berkey’s Corner, specifically highlighting the amount of growth that has occurred in such a short timeframe. The report concluded with insight into Local Area Plans (LAP), as well as Neighbourhood Associations which play a key factor in community input.

Based on reader feedback, we’re happy to expand the article further in this edition.

In the North Cowichan Official Community Plan (OCP), there are areas called “growth centres”. These growth centers are laid out on most local government websites, specifically through planning and development. Growth centres typically have LAPs which can also be viewed on local government’s websites, UNLESS your area does not have a LAP, as with Berkey’s Corner.

Berkey’s Corner is most often considered the area nearest to the roundabout which joins Sherman Road, Somenos Road, and Cowichan Lake Road. However, when the district of North Cowichan references the area, they are referring to an area much larger.



This is the whole area of said ‘Berkey’s Corner’ within the growth containment boundary as shown in the images above.

Growth containment boundaries, or growth centres, are areas that local governments have deemed to be acceptable areas for growth, which makes it almost impossible to build housing outside of them as sadly some developers are now finding out.


These areas are also looked upon to be 15 min cities eventually. Our Transportation Plan indicates travel between growth centres will prioritize people to car share, scooter, take public transit, or ride a bike.
If you are concerned with the developments in Berkeys or would like to have a say in how it develops, write North Cowichan Council at council@northcowichan.ca and ask them to honour their commitment to the creation of a LAP for Berkey’s Corner.

Especially before they continue more willy-nilly development.

You can also work with neighbours to form a Neighbourhood Association, which will allow you to participate in developing your L.A.P.

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