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Castor Oil Packs – Regulating The Body Politic

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While it is an understandable misconception (especially for Canucks), castor oil does not actually come from beavers, though unlike other, not uncommon, misapprehensions of reality, it is safe and often effective.

Similarly, the blood sugar spiking treat. The “Beavertail”, made famous by Hooker’s (not the professional variety) at Winterlude in, ground zero for misapprehensions of reality, Ottawa, is not a beaver by-product either. This will be reassuring for many, no doubt. What does lead one to wonder, is why those in charge of land and water management in the Cowichan Valley do not, with greater alacrity, follow the lead of Canada’s trusty and industrious mascot, castor canadensis, to slow melt and other water on its return to the great sea, thereby mitigating summer drought and fire conditions, but that question will have to be addressed another day. Now that the question of whether this article is a chat gpt fabrication has been fully addressed, on to many things castor oil!

Grown primarily in the Gujarat region of western India, but also in China, Brazil and some other warm climates, production is labour intensive and, due to its many useful properties, the vast majority of castor oil is used in industry, including in the production of bio-diesel fuel. Extraction from the seeds of the spikey “fruit” provides some challenges as the seeds are not only rich in the unique and beneficial compound, ricinoleic acid (RA), but also contain the powerful toxin, ricin. As such, chewing the seeds is not recommended! Being one of the earliest documented cultivated crops going back to ancient Egypt, one might reasonably assume it was well appreciated and widely used for a variety of purposes. Recent years have seen a resurgence in popularity in its use amongst those looking for natural, time-tested, home health remedies.

As always, use for health purposes is best served with the highest quality oils. As with other oils for bodily use, these should be, most importantly, solvent/hexane-free! Next in order of importance comes cold-pressed. Lastly, organic and dark-coloured, glass container round out the list of desired properties. Due to ever-increasing demand and the seasonal variability of crop yields due to its relatively limited production, finding a product fulfilling all these criteria may not always be possible or, may, potentially, be cost prohibitive. Oil sold in plastic containers can always be transferred to glass receptacles, if use is not expected to be timely. This is important as one of castor oil’s useful properties is that it easily passes accompanying components, desirable and otherwise, through skin and other membranes.

Supporting immune function would be a catchall descriptor for what makes castor oil so attractive to so many, not to mention the benefits for hair and skin by which many swear to increase their attractiveness. While the best known traditional use may be as a laxative taken internally, the latest rage has championed the ever-popular castor oil pack, which does also benefit many in the function of elimination. Generally placed over the liver on the right side of the abdomen, it may also be used on the left of the abdomen over the intestines, on the neck over the thyroid and over the eyes. There is even one story of a doctor in San Francisco some decades ago who had success treating a variety of untreatables using much larger, up to whole-body, oil packs. He was allegedly shut down for the usual reasons. In India, some are even reputed to cover their whole bodies in oil and then sunbathe for 30 minutes or so. Obviously this should be undertaken with appropriate caution and likely not at the peak of sun intensity. This protocol is unlikely to be beneficial for the sun-sensitive!

While castor oil packs may be purchased from a variety of sources at varying cost, they are easily put together with relatively common items. Purchased or home-created, oil packs generally consist of a cotton or wool flannel that is saturated with 1 TSP to TBSP or more oil, depending on the size of pack and left in place for at least an hour, if not overnight. New fabric being used would best be organic, though one would assume that old, un-dyed, flannel sheets or clothing, if washed with natural soap and well rinsed, will serve the purpose equally effectively. A hot water bottle or other heat source will likely increase the oil’s absorption and benefits of the procedure, not to mention keep the recipient warm on a cold winter’s night. Some kind of covering is best applied to the outside face of the fabric as castor oil does stain quite indelibly. For many, using medical tape to hold a sheet of plastic or an old plastic bag in place over top will be the cheapest and most effective method of controlling undesired oil leakage. Otherwise, it is not unwise to use old towels to mitigate superfluous oil contact.

Now, it is also said that one may forego the saturation of the cloth and simply apply the oil liberally to the desired area and cover or not, as desired, depending on circumstances. This will result in using much less oil, without sacrificing much in the way of benefits. It is also noted that washing the pack used in such manner will require much less effort and “elbow grease.” One may simply reapply oil should it be deemed necessary. Being that castor oil packs are not considered to be a “one and done” protocol, many people make them a regular part of their ongoing health regimen. Generally, this follows the methodology of skin and hair uses. Repeated use over time will yield the best results and serve to prevent future undesired symptomatology. Castor oil may be blended with many other oils and constituents to achieve desired results. There is a plethora of information on the interweb with many simple, but detailed formulations, often consisting of other household items, ranging from bananas to stimulate hair growth, to egg yoke for a facial mask.

Castor oil’s penetrating capacity is said to benefit the lymphatic system which runs in tandem with the circulatory system. This differs from Klaus Schwab’s penetration of world government leadership, in that it helps to remove waste products and ultimately improves circulation of elements necessary for a healthy body, politic or otherwise, rather than concentrating and distilling said toxic by-products to achieve the most nefarious and dis-harmonious results. One may infer that more people benefiting themselves with castor oil’s multitudinous benefits would serve to decrease general dependence on the “health care” system leading to less need for the “legitimized” theft known as taxation, as unlikely as that seems to ever come to pass. Perhaps nightly castor oil packs should be conditional to serving in political office to ensure the elimination function is maximally efficient, so that politicians are less likely to achieve their usual state. Food for thought!

Steven Lay is a quantum healing practitioner who works remotely, or in person and offers a sliding scale for those with financial challenges.

Steven can be reached at 250 874 1369

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