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Challenging the Net-Zero narrative

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To all of those who use their voices to question the suicide note that is ‘Net-Zero’, and do so in the face of ridicule and condemnation, we know that we, the human species, are the carbon to be reduced, I salute you.

Last week the front page of the Relic Media were lit up by the revelation that in November, during a [leaked]video call with special envoy for climate change, Sultan Al Jaber of the United Arab Emirates (President of COP28 and chief executive of the UAE State Oil company Adnoc) said there was no science indicating a phase out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict Global heating to 1.5 centigrade, and that to take away oil and gas would take the world back into the caves.


The Sultan’s remarks spur outrage from the usual suspects, but his choice of words was important. “Back into caves”, out of the mouths of babes and Sultans it turns out, comes the truth. Those dismissive of any crises suspect the intention of the suicide note of ‘Net Zeror’ is precicely as Al Jaber says, to so impoverish the developed, industrialized West, that a new Dark Age ensues Global Neo-Feudalism will see a tiny group of unimaginably wealthy people reign over the billions, as we scramble for scraps. Look around now as the nights draw in, as they always do, at this time of year in the North, and the sun is absent, and the wind doesn’t blow, and know the turbines and solar panels ain’t going to cut it for the peoples of the Northern Hemisphere. Know too that claims of climate crises are the stick with which we are beaten into submission, to digital IDs, and programmable tokens, in a place of freedom, to save or spend our earnings as we see fit, without the surveillance and permission of the state.


To all those who know this and have been speaking about this for years, I say your voices are more powerful than perhaps you know. Even in the darkest of times, we should know we are on a wondrous journey, and the truth is that more and more follow. Travelers are joining every day. The more you speak, the easier it becomes to say more. I say, ‘you are right, don’t doubt you are right’.

(Excerpts from GB News YouTube, Neil Oliver, Sat Dec 9th, 2023)

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