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Chasing trends over tending towns

by Westward Independent
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Are our local elected officials more interested in chasing trends than tending to our community’s needs?

If you’ve followed any of the debates in our House of Commons, you’ll know exactly what we’re referencing in this article. The past few months have brightened the meetings into something closer resembling late-night TV. Even complete with ejections from the house, as Conservative MP Damien Kurek experienced after calling our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, a liar. When given the option to apologize, MP Damien Kurek stood by his words and was subsequently asked to leave for the day.

As our political arena crosses into the fame and glamour of social media and viral shorts, this popularizing of off-the-cuff politics is making its way to our local municipality. The pursuit of popularity seems to be almost as popular as dragging the climate lens into every council meeting. But what about those who hold differing views or have concerns that fall outside the currently favoured narratives? It’s become evident that conservative or right-leaning voices are often sidelined or dismissed. Our local council has made it abundantly clear that the future belongs to climate change agendas and little else.

In the quest for relevance, our councillors have immersed themselves in a whirlwind of coalitions, memberships, and affiliations with various organizations. It’s as if they are part of an exclusive club, hobnobbing with the elite, all while our community faces mounting challenges. The weight of resolving local concerns is falling onto the shoulders of compassionate volunteers who now fill the gaps of misaligned local elected officials.

The realities on the ground paint a stark contrast to the council’s focus on external recognition. Inflation is taking its toll, with skyrocketing rent and mortgages causing anxiety for many residents. Nearby cities have earned the dubious distinction of being ranked as the most expensive places to live in all of Canada. Meanwhile, wages are struggling to keep pace with the rising cost of living, leaving our community feeling the strain of economic hardship.

It’s time for a reality check. Our small town council and mayor should be champions of the core issues that affect us directly. Permit approvals, road maintenance, water and sewer systems, and taxes are the nuts and bolts of local governance. These are the matters that shape our everyday lives, and our elected officials should make them a priority.
Instead, we find ourselves subjected to discussions about global initiatives and international agendas. The focus has shifted so far beyond our community that it often feels like our local leaders have forgotten their fundamental responsibilities.

It’s time to remind them of their role. Municipal councillors and mayors are not Hollywood celebrities or global influencers. Their primary duty is to serve the best interests of our town and its residents. We shouldn’t have to endure lengthy speeches about international affairs during our council meetings when there are pressing local issues that demand attention.

So, what can we do? It’s incumbent upon us, the residents, to hold our elected officials accountable. We must demand that they refocus their efforts on the essentials of local governance. We can start by asking them tough questions about how they plan to address the challenges we face daily – the housing crisis, economic disparities, and the rising cost of living.

Our small town deserves priority on our well-being over the pursuit of trends and acclaim. Let’s remind them that their primary responsibility is to tend to our community’s needs and work tirelessly to make it a better place for all of us. It’s time to put our small town first and leave the Hollywood dreams and global aspirations behind.

– Staff

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1 comment

James 02/25/2024 - 7:37 AM

Realism and libertarianism are unfortunately distal on the social and political landscape. I’m not sure how to bring them together. If we can’t bring these two ideologies together than one has to go and I don’t think realism is going anywhere.


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