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Citizens Challenge UN Integration in Local Policies

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As we see municipalities, cities, and Regional Districts sign on to United Nations declarations, in fact the new Duncan OCP has integrated it right into it as policy, councils start feeling pushback all over the country from regular concerned citizens.    

A private members bill was passed through the House Of Commons asking that Canada remove itself from United Nations agendas. The petition contained wording such as:” Canada’s membership in the United Nations (UN) and its subsidiary organizations, (e.g. World Health Organization (WHO)), imposes negative consequences on the people of Canada, far outweighing any benefits; Canada’s agreement to participate in the UN/WHO comprehensive “Agenda 2030” undermines national sovereignty and personal autonomy;Agenda 2030 and secretly negotiated amendments to the IHR could likely impose unacceptable, intrusive universal surveillance, violating the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Canadian Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms;  We, the undersigned, Citizens and Residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to urgently implement Canada’s expeditious withdrawal from the UN and all of its subsidiary organizations, including WHO.”

The Bill was signed by 90,089 citizens, but turned down with a lengthy response adamantly stating Canada will be staying loyal to the UN agendas and the WHO with some wording contained within that stated:

” Response by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Signed by (Minister or Parliamentary Secretary): Rob Oliphant – The role of any Canadian government is to protect Canada and the best interests of Canadians. We must do so on the world stage, and the United Nations (UN) is a necessary and important platform for Canada to exercise its sovereignty, amplify its voice, to influence, build partnerships, and work collectively toward a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. The current Government of Canada will remain part of the United Nations, and its subsidiary organizations, to accomplish, together with other states, what none of us can do alone; Canadians have played a key role in creating our international rules and institutions and Canada will continue to ensure that the UN adapts to meet modern challenges. While no organization is perfect, the UN has standards and regulations that are critical to the protection and interests of Canada and Canadians. Therefore, the Government of Canada has committed to increasing our presence at the United Nations and in multilateral institutions. In fact, the Federal Budget in 2024 proposes $18 million over five years to bolster Canada’s presence at our mission to the UN in New York; The UN also serves as the central meeting place for states and other stakeholders to meet, listen, negotiate, and develop positive relations among nations, working together to address issues relating to climate change, peace and security, economic development, human rights, disarmament, combating terrorism and extremism, conflict prevention, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, disease prevention, advancing gender equality and universal education, refugee resettlement, humanitarian assistance, advancing the rule of law, and fighting against transnational crime” and so on. 

Men and Women have noticed that their local, Provincial, and Federal Governments have alliances that seem to usurp local citizen’s wishes, with some folks worried that their concerns may be playing a back bench to global goals, goals beyond the scope of local jurisdictional powers

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