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Community Triumph: Ending Harmful Aerial Spraying

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West Kelowna – Cranbrook – June 20, 2024 – The West Kelowna Branch of the Kelowna Citizens Safety Association (WKB/KCSA) and Call To  Action Cranbrook are pleased to announce that the Gypsy/spongy moth aerial spraying program has concluded. The third and final application of the bacterial pesticide BTK, containing 87% of secret ingredients, was completed this morning.  The program completion was announced by the Ministry of Forests this morning. 

Jim Shannon from Call to Action Cranbrook stated, “We are glad that this is over and our community can try to recover from this chemical trespass on their person and property. We know of many people who have been hurt by these applications and will continue to document the damage done to our community and encourage legal action against the government.”

Lloyd Manchester, President of WKB/KCSA, added, “We are pleased that the aerial spraying of 12 communities is complete and that there will be no spraying of BTK in West Kelowna. We have had reports of harm caused from exposure to this bacterial spray in the other 12 communities and will be following up on them.”  Manchester also noted, “We expect the Ministry of Forests to return next year, and we are prepared. This application of an unknown formulation of a bacterial pesticide is unacceptable and has to be stopped. We will work diligently with other groups to ensure that the government is not permitted to spray in our communities with no regard for our children, the elderly, the immunocompromised, and others who were exposed to the spray that drifted onto their properties and community.”

We would like to thank all those who voiced their opposition to this program. Your efforts made a difference and saved the community from the trauma of aerial spraying. However, we are disappointed with West Kelowna City Council and the Regional District of Central Okanagan for not raising concerns about this issue. It will be noted that all these politicians supported the indiscriminate aerial spraying in their community without considering alternatives or adhering to WorkSafe BC pesticide regulations, We would also like to thank School District #23 for their concerns regarding this spraying and ultimately helping to stop this egregious aerial spray program, stated Manchester

For more information please contact 

Lloyd Manchester, President, WKB/KCSA
Phone: 250-878-9352
Website: www.kelownacsa.org
Spray Info Line: 1-800-573-0213 

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