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COP28 – Changing Futures

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Report on the UN’s Climate Change Conference held in Dubai, UAE, Nov. 30 to Dec 12, 2023, Was the COP28 conference a success? Judging by the number of delegates it must have been. There were 84,000 delegates from 195 countries, including 747 from Canada. Also, the number of commitments and pledges made were impressive enough to scare any sceptic. Here are the principal ones:

On the 1st and 2nd December, 176 world leaders gathered for the World Climate Action Summit (WCAS), signalling a new era of climate action on the road to 2030. Over 90% of country delegates signed on to this. 2. The Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture (less meat and dairy; eat bugs) was well supported by 136 signatures. 3. A “Loss and Damage Fund” was established to compensate developing countries for losses from climate change. $420 million was pledged in the first hour. That will predictably be abused to the max. 4. The “Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge” was signed by 120 countries. 5. The “Global Methane Pledge” was signed by 155 countries and 50 oil companies, despite atmospheric methane levels being negligibly small. 6. The “Declaration on Climate Relief, Recovery and Peace” was signed by 70 countries and 39 NGOs. 7. The “Declaration on Climate and Health” was signed by 124 countries.

In my view as a member of the sceptics, this is a totalitarian movement and as Hannah Arendt pointed out in her 1951 book, The Origins of Totalitarianism, all such movements in the past were based on the “Big Lie” which could not be challenged. They were thus divorced from the world of reality, as is exemplified by the UN’s IPCC ignoring real-world measurements of temperature and preferring its own computer-model projections over which it has complete control. That way it can continue to claim that the world is facing disaster, and is thereby enabled to follow its anti-human, sociopathic agenda.

In that respect, the COP28 Conference was indeed a success. The “Climate Change” movement has become unstoppable and its agenda will cost us all dearly with great loss of our freedoms and ever-decreasing living standards.


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