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Council Watch – April

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April 2024

  • Within the CAO report it was stated that the White Rd. “supportive housing” project which was delayed due to the original builder filing bankruptcy, will now be taken over by Knappett Projects Inc. to be finished late 2024.

  • A 5-story, 52-unit assisted living building was approved for Evan’s St.

  • Construction for bike lanes on Coronation St. is to start in the fall of 2024.

  • Two story 11000 sqft primary care centre owned by Island Health to be built at 940 Government St near Canco Grocery and behind The Fishbowl Cafe.(Motion Passed none opposed)

April 2024

  • Revisited their public speaking protocol to 15 min max, only to be extended with 3/4 voted to extend to max half hour.

  • The Chair and directors had a lengthy discussion around a ‘Safe Spaces’ bylaw to keep the Directors safe from the public that is growing ever louder by the day.
    CVRD voted to remove two bus shelters after a presentation by BC Transit. Read more about that in this edition.

  • Mayor Douglas advised the Minister of Transportation is coming to North Cowichan to review the pedestrian overpass proposed at the new High School site. Based on feedback provided, it sounds as though they may advocate for building the bypass as originally proposed, despite public opposition.


North Cowichan:
March/April 2024

  • Staff recommended that N.C. allocate 40k from their Climate Action and Energy Fund (local .5% tax for the past 10 years charged to North Cowichan Residence) to supplement retrofitting of homes, to top-up the Provinces’ grants. Cllr. Findlay expressed that he agreed with a speaker from the public who stated that low-income people would not be able to afford to retrofit even with the ‘grants’, therefore this was essentially taxpayers paying for those with the means to retrofit. Motion passed (Cllr. Findlay, Cllr. Manhas, and Cllr. Caljouw opposed)

  • Staff recommended taking the current Safer Community Plan and sending it back to staff to create a new one that addresses the growing addiction and crime, especially along the corridor and work in collaboration with businesses that are affected. (none opposed)

  • Cllr. Findlay brought forward three motions to be debated on April 17th. 1. The mayor wrote a letter to Dr. Henry and Minister Dix to end the vaccine mandates and invite 400 nurses back to work to help our healthcare crisis. 2. That Mayor write a letter to create a more lenient liquor licencing program for restaurants so that it is not site-specific but honours the establishment. Also, that entry level wages for students be amended to not have to meet full min wage requirements. 3. A motion that staff amend the step code 4 building bylaw passed earlier in the year that saw all new builds have to meet step code 4 6 years before the province requires these measures.

  • Committee Of The Whole: Motion to change public question period practices to 30 seconds each person with a max of 15 min all together. Taking into account that the replies to the public would also take about 30 seconds – that would end up being 15 people which would account for .04 % of the population. Motion passed to place this item on the next regular meeting. Also in this motion was to move public speaking to before the delegations, and to keep with the 5-speaker limit, unless voted on by a majority to extend the speakers list.

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