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Council Watch – July

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June 3

CAO: “Staff are reviewing the timing of the scramble crosswalk” Canada – Ingram Scramble Crossing Replacement with Protected Southbound Left Turn Signal. That Council direct staff to amend the Financial Plan to re-allocate the following budget amounts and provide an overall project budget of $31,000 for the Canada/Ingram Intersection Safety Project (including contingency)  Re-allocate $20,000 from Canada Ave / Gov’t Street Traffic Signals  Re-allocate $3,000 from Traffic Calming (2024 Financial Plan) To create a protected, dedicated, only left turn lane heading south only allows movement on a new left turn signal light.  Cllr Capps brought forward a motion to extend to include summer data from the scramble crosswalk. Cllr Bruce suggested the issues are vehicle issues and not pedestrian. Cllr. Duncan stated the majority of frustration is from drivers, but they need not be going through Duncan as we have a bypass called the highway, Motion to extend passed (Cllr Bruce and McKinlay opposed) 


North Cowichan:

June 4th

Adoption of the Master Transportation Plan from WATT consulting (see summary in paper). Around 50 people attended the last open house and online interactions were not statistically relevant.

Manhas “I think this is a very aspirational plan” [and not likely] “The bike lane on Sherman Rd would cause chaos”. ‘Adding costs to builders will create more unaffordability”.

Istace: “I have biked to all NC and CVRD meetings for the last 7 weeks and want the same equity as drivers”. “Possibly a tour of Saanich we are not saying we are taking away people’s ability to drive”. “ owning cars costs $1400 a month an e-bike is $2000”. “ we should lower village cores to 30km/h.

Findlay: “How are we going to fund the active transportation plan that depends on builder’s dollars if they are outside the Urban Containment Boundaries?” Asked to postpone adoption. 

Mayor Douglas – against a bypass, asked for it to be removed from the MTP.

Motion passed (Findlay and Caljouw opposed) 

June 11th

Permissive tax exemptions bylaw for non-profits and charities. Amendments were debated over and passed back to staff for the June 19th meeting. (All in favour) 

June 19th: To present the draft Climate Adaptation Strategy for feedback and seek direction on the next steps before presenting to the Council for adoption. A presentation by staff and Urban Systems Ltd. will be provided. Recommendation: THAT Council direct staff to: Forward the draft report to the Environmental Advisory Committee and Agricultural Advisory Committees for feedback, and

Consider revisions based on feedback received and bring forward the report to a future Council meeting for consideration of adoption. A grant from UBCM for the draft to reduce “vulnerabilities”. Cllr.Manhas   “Have you come up with a cost for this?” –  Answer: It would be tough to assign a cost. “ You spoke of flooding, but we used to do an annual debris removal that would lower the flooding, do you agree with this” –  Answer. “That answer is quite a technical one”. Cllr. Findlay: “ I have 4.5 pages of notes. The notes say we are putting everything through a climate lens which I find scary as only 5% of people claimed climate was their most important issue”. “ There is a lot in our report that refers to the IPCC, and not taking into consideration the sun”. “The forecasts we see from the IPCC are computer models, so if the inputs are wrong, the results are wrong”. (Motion passed Cllr. Findlay and Manhas opposed) 

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