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Cowichan fights against drug sites

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Cowichan Valley Community Center – Emergency Warming Site

I read that people are very upset about our provincial and local governments’ desires to have free injection sites that are obviously not working. These cause huge problems and dangers to our children and our communities. A concerned group met at North Cowichan Municipal Hall to demonstrate their frustration.

I was talking to a friend that takes his grandkids to hockey and he told me that they can no longer go up to the lounge to get a coffee and watch their children as the lounge has been turned into a warming center for the homeless. He said “Here we are tax paying citizens trying to keep our children safe and healthy. We have them involved in sports and off the streets and we are losing our amenities to someone who doesn’t pay a cent in taxes.”

The final straw for me was when I read an article in the National Post telling me that well over a year ago our provincial government legalized giving minors fentanyl without parental consent and eroding parental rights. They have kept it under wraps from the public all this time!

It is beyond me why our governments keep promoting the free supply of drug-enabling sites that have proven over and over again to create much more harm than good. Why does the government promote addiction? These poor people who have lost their souls to drugs don’t need enabling centers, they need repair centers. I wonder if it is the guilty conscience of some of our elitist out-of-touch politicians that persuades them to support these toxic ideas?

Here in Cowichan, we have some common-sense politicians but they always seem to get outvoted. We want hospital-like repair centers, not drug-enabling centers.

Sincerely, John Money

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