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CVRD offers decade-old climate hysteria resources

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Stage 3 water restrictions arrive in Cowichan, and it leaves a few residents with questions. While some Cowichan residents are being threatened with fines, and even having their water shut off, the CVRD appear to have no issue with how they choose to use the resource.


On the CVRD ‘New Normal’ website, you’ll find a link to resources if you’re wondering how this all connects to climate change.


On the above page, you’ll find 3 links, all promising to offer insight into climate change. The first link for the CBC Documentary doesn’t even work.



The second resource navigates to The Guardian, a page filled with opinion letters, mostly political in nature with jabs at the Conservative party, and their plans regarding climate change.



The third is a YouTube playlist with videos ranging from 11+ years ago.



Meanwhile, for residents, the CVRD updates their website with an ‘extreme’ warning:


Cowichan residents receive a stern talking to, along with a financial threat for wasting water, but those rules don’t apply equally. As seen on the Sherman Road soccer fields just last week.


If there were anticipated droughts, would we not build the infrastructure to hold water during our “record rainfalls” and “atmospheric rivers”? North Cowichan grabs $400,000 from the Climate Action and Energy Plan, a sneaky 0.5% tax on residents, for “climate action and emergencies”. They happily share this money, your tax dollars, as grants to local NGOs, but do not invest in water contingency infrastructure.


Residents deserve better than broken links and outdated YouTube videos to justify these actions.

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