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DFO Continues To Attack Local Fisheries Pt2

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In part two of our series, to come in edition 12, we will focus on the slow crushing of our fishing industry, we will again focus on the vibrant fishing town of Port Renfrew.

A village of approximately 500 residents whose businesses and livelihoods rely heavily on the sport/charter fishing income which brings in approx. 26 million into the town during the fishing season. The  DFO shut down the Chinook fishing industry for 2024 on April 1st for many areas, Port Renfrew being one. The small town will be devastated, and over 100 businesses may shut down permanently, will they survive with just catch and release allowed? 

The story revolves around the protection of the Southern Resident Killer Whales’ (SRKW)  food source which consists mainly of Chinook. In edition 10 we, with local fishermen’s historical knowledge of the area, debunked the baseless arguments made by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) regarding the SRKW’s food source and health having anything to do with recreational fishing. Who are the players behind the devastation of the industry? It seems eerily similar to the pattern we see with other industries such as farming, where outside, non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs),  team up with a Ministry to supply them with so-called “science” or “modelling” showing how harmful their industry is to *insert some plant, animal, marine life * here. 

In Edition 12 we will delve into the money and the NGOs behind many of these decisions, as well as global/federal agreements such as 30×30 – a goal to protect 30% of Land and water by 2030.

In conversation with fishermen in Port Renfrew, we have heard that they have constantly reached out to senior levels of the DFO and are not being responded to as of the date of this printing.

A local candidate for the Federal Conservatives has created a house petition – Link to petition: read more and sign if you are interested:


  • Correction from part 1: The letter to the Minister was written by the President of Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce (not Port Alberni) Chris Tucker.

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