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Duncan Townhall on Bills Set To Commence April 20th!

by WWIND Team
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Coming to Duncan on April 20th, 2:30 PM, at the Duncan United Church. 

Attend via ZOOM at: https://tinyurl.com/duncantownhall

The Town Hall will cover Provincial Bills 44-47, 31, 36, and touch on street disorder issues.

Bills 44-47 could have a significant impact on how your neighbourhoods look going forward. Bills 44-47 remove public consultations for new builds, demand certain height minimums as well as forcing 4-6 unit housing into neighbourhoods.

Will these bills change your Local Area Plans?

Bill 36 has completely changed the structure and governance of healthcare colleges, removed patient privacy, placed threats of jail and fines on healthcare workers for advising patients on healthcare practices not approved by the Province and more.

Do you work in the healthcare field? Are you a Naturopath, Nurse, Dentist, Councillor, Massage Therapist, or other?

The information around this bill may be relevant to you.

Bill 31 is an overhaul of the Emergencies Management act, which has expanded the justifications for emergencies, created longer timelines for an emergency, gives powers to seize your property, and includes vague words over what constitutes a threat. Will this bill have you potentially caught in its web?

Street Disorder is a rampant and growing issue in towns across BC. What is being done? Are the solutions working?

If any of these Bills are of concern, we would love to see you at the Duncan Town Hall.

Sincerely, BC Town Hall 2024 Volunteers.

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