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Dutch Farms and Global Food Security

by Westward Independent
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In the Netherlands, more than 3,000 farms are currently locked in a struggle for their survival. This plight is not unique to the Netherlands, as farming communities worldwide face similar challenges, from the United States to Australia, India, and across Europe. What’s unfolding is a pattern that extends far beyond local issues. Governments in these regions are increasingly influenced by foreign, unelected organizations and powerful corporations, such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN).

Governments are now openly aligning themselves with these shadowy entities, a stark departure from previous years when they dismissed them as conspiracy theories. Notably, the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, once denied any connections to the WEF and its founder, Klaus Schwab.

But what is happening in the Netherlands specifically? Dutch farmers are being unjustly blamed for environmental pollution and are being coerced into reducing their carbon emissions. These farmers have invested heavily in their businesses and are among the leaders in adopting environmentally friendly practices. They are passionate stewards of their lands, having cared for them for centuries to provide high-quality, honest food products. Blaming farmers for climate change is an unwarranted scapegoating, as they have been exemplary in their commitment to sustainability.


The turning point occurred when large corporations introduced chemical-intensive practices, such as the use of glyphosate, to increase productivity. This shift favoured big, corporate farms, rendering smaller, traditional farms financially unviable. The government’s agenda was clear: promote large farms for easier control and potential future manipulation.

This day of reckoning has arrived, and farmers, along with countless others around the globe, are recognizing the insidious agenda at play. It is an agenda rooted in totalitarian world control, concealed within the UN’s Agendas 21, 2030, and 2050, as well as driven by organizations like the WEF and the WHO. It represents a coup d’état on a global scale, orchestrated behind closed doors.

The Netherlands: Government vs. Farmers

For years, Dutch farmers have been subjected to stringent government regulations, resulting in increased costs and reduced efficiency. These high costs have led to a surge in consumer prices, causing distress among farmers. The government has always framed these policies as essential for environmental protection, perpetuated by so-called experts. However, the truth runs deeper. The government’s hidden agenda is a war for control over food, land, water, and ultimately the people, orchestrated by self-proclaimed elites, NGOs, and corporations to establish a New World Order.

The Dutch government, under the guise of combating climate change, has laid the blame for carbon emissions at the feet of farmers and other food-producing businesses. Media propaganda has amplified this narrative, attempting to sway public opinion against farmers and distract from the infiltration of corporations intent on monopolizing food production and land acquisition. Financial giants like Vanguard and BlackRock, along with the Gates Foundation, are key players in this endeavour. Bill Gates, the largest private farmland owner in the USA, is simultaneously investing in lab-grown and insect-based protein foods, which could potentially replace traditional farming systems and exert unprecedented control over the food supply.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s revelation in a WEF meeting that the Netherlands is poised to become a leader in producing “Food Hubs” (lab-grown food distribution centers) further underscores the global trend. Governments worldwide, fueled by funding and donations funnelled through organizations like the Gates Foundation and the UN, are paving the way for this system. These plans extend beyond food control; they encompass food, land, and water. Controlling these resources means controlling the population. Gates has invested heavily in food companies in Europe, the US, and Canada, while also supporting vegan and lab-grown meat products. These actions reveal a calculated strategy to dominate the food chain, leaving consumers with little control over what they eat.

The Hidden Agenda: A Massive City Project

The Dutch government has failed to disclose its plan to build the “Port of Europe,” a Utopian city called “TRI-STATE CITY HOLLAND” intended to accommodate 30 million people. This grandiose project is not merely an idea but has historical roots dating back to World War II when the Nazi regime envisioned it as the European Nazi Capital. “Tri-state City Holland” is intended to serve as the Gateway to Europe. This massive project will predominantly house a multicultural population, primarily of African origin. The ongoing influx of migrants is part of an orchestrated population migration agenda funded by George Soros and his OSF foundation, designed to dismantle national sovereignty.

To execute this grand plan, vast tracts of land are needed, and it’s the farmers who own these coveted lands. The financial stakes involved in building a city for 30 million people are astronomical. Consequently, a false climate change narrative has been employed to persuade farmers to relinquish their lands, much like Canada’s use of manipulated water shortage statistics. The Dutch farmers initially believed that political change could alter this agenda, voting overwhelmingly for the “Party for Farmers” (BBB) during national elections. However, post-election revelations exposed BBB’s ties to Monsanto, dashing farmers’ hopes.
The only political party currently opposing this agenda in the Netherlands is the FVD, led by Thierry Baudet, Gideon Van Meijeren, and Pepijn Van Houwelingen. They are diligently working to expose the influence of the WEF and the UN within the government. People are beginning to grasp the wider implications of this coup, connecting it to other nations with ties to these global agendas under the guise of UN Sustainable Goals.

Water: A Fundamental Resource

The water issue is equally significant in this agenda. The claim that “water is not a human right,” as made by the President of Nestle Germany, is indicative of the elites’ control over this vital resource. Nestle, under the umbrella of Vanguard and BlackRock, is just one example of powerful entities dominating numerous global corporations.

It’s essential to recognize that climate change and water shortages are not solely due to natural causes. Our climate is being tampered with, yet this reality is often obscured by media narratives blaming individuals. Modern technologies like “HAARP” and geoengineering are used to manipulate weather patterns, altering the course of storms and creating droughts and floods. The agenda is to make people believe in an impending crisis and to present the solution as the only viable option. But it’s a solution crafted by those who seek to control our land, food, and water.

In recent years, widespread observation of planes releasing chemical substances into the atmosphere has been reported. These substances, including aluminum oxide, barium, and strontium, are sprayed into the upper atmosphere. This has led to changes in weather patterns, often remaining invisible above or within existing cloud layers. Geo-engineering technologies are being used to generate crises, manipulate public perception, and implement preconceived solutions.

People, including farmers, are awakening to this nefarious plan, determined to oppose it. Figures like Rosa Koire, who authored “Behind the Green Lies” on UN Agenda 21, have long tried to warn us. The time has come for change and justice to be served. The infiltrated governments and their connections to the WEF, UN, WHO, and other globalist agendas must be exposed and held accountable, down to local institutions that support their initiatives. The awakening is happening, and we will not allow these plans to succeed.

Ben V – Dutch National

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