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Echoes in the Eco-Chamber: A Day in the Life Of Progressivia

by Westward Independent
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Greetings once more from Progressivia, the city where the future is so bright, you’ve got to wear your recycled-material shades.

It’s 2050, and we’ve taken the progressive agenda, put it on a solar-powered rocket, and launched it into a world where ‘green’ is the only colour on the spectrum. Welcome to a city where diversity of thought has become as rare as a gasoline-powered car. In Progressivia, every idea is green, every policy is sustainable, and every conversation echoes with the sound of unanimous agreement. It’s a harmonious hum, sure, but sometimes one can’t help but miss the old days of debate and discourse.

In the realm of dining, meat is as mythical as a unicorn steak. Our weekly meat ration is now down to 0.8 meals – a number calculated by our beloved Dietary Overlords. Plant-based diets reign supreme, and the black market for a good old-fashioned burger is thriving – though, of course, we didn’t tell you that.

Sustainability in housing has reached new heights – literally. Houses are now 70% transparent and made from recycled glass. Yes, everyone can see what everyone else is doing, and yes, it’s as awkward as it sounds. On the bright side, nosey neighbours are a thing of the past – because they don’t have to be nosey anymore!

The air might be cleaner, but the colour spectrum of ideas has faded. We’re all aboard the green train, chugging along to a future where every step, every bite, and every thought leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible. So, as you sip your algae latte and nibble on your soy snack, remember: Progress isn’t just a concept, it’s a way of life. Just make sure your life fits within the eco-friendly guidelines, or you might just find yourself pedalling the community energy bike as penance.

Until our next dispatch from the future, keep your eco-ideals high and your carbon footprint low. After all, in Progressivia, you’re never too far from a solar panel or a sustainability sermon.



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