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Edition 006 – November

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lorene Benoit November 9, 2023 - 4:29 am

Another amazing education on what our paid governments are planning for us – only now they have openly admitted they are not interested in pubic comments – unless those are in complete agreement with their plans. Not just North Cowichan; CVRD, Kamloops, likely every BC municipality leading the way.

One has to notice how many government decisions are based on receiving funding “grants”. Doesn’t everyone, including elected officials understand from where grant monies come? The last time I checked, it was from government taxes. So whether the grant is provincial or federal -IT IS STILL BEING PAID BY US, the taxpayer. How is that so complicated to understand? Yet, I have heard several councillors, CVRD Directors and govt. employees state: “we’re not paying for it; we’re getting a grant”. Duhh!

Ken Billings November 30, 2023 - 6:08 pm

Kudos to Westward Independent…Localization is the answer to spin.

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Ken Billings
DIGILEAK News Not Noise
Sooke, BC


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