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From Carbon Scare to Eco Care: Canada’s Untold Success Story

by Joseph Enslow
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Ever pause amidst the relentless “The sky is falling!” alarm raised by local councils, pondering why their evidence often resembles a lone sock lost in the global laundry?

When they solemnly declare, “It’s time,” one wonders, time for what exactly? This isn’t an episode of “Tool Time” with good ol’ Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. No, in our version, the wise neighbour peering over the fence is more likely to be the one living across your hallway, echoing a similar sentiment but with a twist grounded in local reality, not global hyperbole.

First off, did you know, in the great lands of the maple leaves, fir trees, and magistic cedars, we’ve been quietly crafting a greener future? Yes, indeed. As of 2021, a whopping $73.1 billion from our GDP was thanks to the environmental and clean technology sector. That’s not pocket change; that’s a statement, 314,300 jobs strong. And let’s not forget, our electric vehicle registrations hit over 123,000 in 2022. Tesla what?

Guided by the Energy Fact Book from Natural Resources Canada, crafted with expertise from across NRCan, it becomes evident that Canada’s balancing act between emissions management and ensuring accessibility to essential resources like energy, heat, and cooling is more than just competent—it’s commendable. This realization brings to light a curious observation: the data and doom prophecies often paraded before council are frequently imports, not home-grown insights. The reason? Clearly, our national narrative of environmental stewardship and energy efficiency doesn’t necessitate alarmist imports; we’re charting our course, firmly grounded in facts and pragmatic optimism.

While our local councils have been busy painting fossil fuels as the villain, did you know Canada envisions it as part of our grand 2050 vision? With the world’s cleanest, most regulated fossil fuel producers, it seems we’re scrubbing pebbles while missing the mountain. Is this relentless pursuit of ‘green perfection’ really about saving the planet? Or is it, perhaps, a curtain call for a grander scheme of comfort, control, and a socialist serenade? The push for big government in our living rooms, offering morsels of freedom with one hand while tightening the leash with the other.

Social media is overwhelmed with people screaming about how to save the planet. Yet those plights often ignore the air we breathe is global, it doesn’t respect the boundaries of coastlines or invisible borders between countries, shocking for sure. As we marvel at Canada’s green achievements and question the motives behind the local environmental theatrics, one can’t help but chuckle. Are we truly seeking sustainability, or are we entangled in a web of control, dressed in a green guise?

Remember Green Washing? Billions in green investments disappear, much like mismatched socks, yet the narrative of success is polished, unblemished by reality. Promises of planting millions of trees fall short, with only a fraction surviving, symbolizing the gap between grand environmental pledges and tangible outcomes. This phenomenon, where the shortcomings of green projects are glossed over, underscores a broader issue: the selective memory of green advocacy, where the allure of a greener tomorrow often overshadows the fiscal and practical realities of today.

Amid the uproar over carbon’s apocalyptic dance, Canada strides forward, a green colossus under the North Star. Behold, in 2022, the energy sector unfurled its green banner with a colossal $80 billion in capital expenditures. Oil and gas, often vilified, led this march with $31.9 billion, yet don’t overlook the silent guardian of electrical power generation, pouring $27.6 billion into our future. Our infrastructure, a network of veins and arteries, pulsated with a 30% contribution to the national net stock, generating 142.6 thousand jobs and bolstering our GDP by $22.8 billion. The horizon brims with promise: 223 energy titans await their dawn, boasting a combined worth of $294 billion, alongside 120 projects under construction valued at $180 billion. The clean technology realm, our beacon of hope, is illuminated by 233 projects with a $159 billion commitment. As foreign investments surged to $146 billion, up 11.9% from the previous year, Canada’s energy sector carved out a 12% share of the overall foreign direct investment pie in 2022. And let’s not forget the $1,412 million combined federal and provincial torchbearers in RD&D expenditures. So, when the chorus of doom crescendos, remember: Canada’s Green Testament is etched not in words, but in billions.

So, what are we really talking about here? It seems the time for action has been heralded for ages—past, present, and future. While local councils funnel millions into beautifying parks and echoing the enchanting but vague chant of ‘sustainability’, perhaps it’s time they peeked over the fence. The greener grass they’re after? It’s already growing, robustly and nationally. Meanwhile, locals have a wishlist: roads without craters, lighter taxes, functioning sewers, and policies that resonate with the drumbeat of local life. Dreaming of global accolades? The prime ministerial stage awaits. But if local governance is your chosen path, then serve the local creed. And for those caught in a daydream, painted in hues of global distress and misinformation, perhaps a new platform beckons—a YouTube channel, where dreams can roam free, leaving council seats to those ready to roll up their sleeves for the community.


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