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Hate in Disguise

by Westward Independent

In our picturesque corner of the country, known for its beauty, harmony and diversity, a disconcerting trend has taken root. A group of far left-wing extremists, who loudly champion inclusion, diversity, and love, have revealed their true colours by employing bullying tactics and divisive strategies to silence dissenting voices. Such blatant misuse of the moral fabric our community is built on deserves to be called out.


It’s a place where we come together to support one another, even when disagreements arise. Yet, this unity has come under siege by a select few who claim to embody the very principles they undermine. The spark for this division was ignited during the Cowichan Bay Estuary debate when local farmers faced the imminent threat of losing prime farmland. Concerned community members rallied behind the cause of food security and sustainable agriculture, recognizing the vital importance of supporting our local farmers.

A very small faction of far-left extremists emerged, intent on stifling opposing viewpoints. Instead of engaging in constructive dialogue, they chose a different path—resorting to personal attacks, intimidation, and smear campaigns against those who supported the farmers or participated in town hall meetings. It became painfully apparent that their commitment to inclusion and diversity was nothing but empty rhetoric.

One particularly troubling incident serves as a stark example of their tactics. A local far left-wing amateur journalist penned an article ostensibly about the Cowichan Bay Estuary but quickly veered into an onslaught of personal attacks against individuals involved in organizing or hosting events related to the issue. Rather than focusing on the actual matter at hand, the author attempted to draw tenuous connections to issues like racism and colonialism—a move that defied logic and reason. We’re used to seeing this take place on hilarious YouTube shorts and other notable memes, but bravo to this individual who believes this rhetoric would take hold here in our community.

This extremist, and the select few who support them, followed a predictable playbook for their approach, attempting to link unrelated issues like racism, colonialism, and gender to the farming debate. Their goal was transparent: to hoist themselves higher in the far-left groups, and gain trust, and commitment among their followers while casting themselves as righteous crusaders.

Yet, their tactics crumbled when confronted with facts, logic, and the legal intricacies of the issue. The farmers and their supporters prevailed, demonstrating that truth and reason could overcome unfounded accusations and personal attacks. The issues have gone to MLAs and are now being discussed on the Provincial stage.

However, the core issue lies in the influence of large NGOs that have manipulated the fears of some left-wing community members. These organizations have weaponized topics such as climate change fears, convincing vulnerable individuals that our community teeters on the brink of an environmental catastrophe. In their desperation to avert this supposed calamity, they’ve been willing to sacrifice our local farmers and food security. Genius strategy, really.

In this ideological battle, it’s vital to remember that our community stands stronger than any divisive force. We were incredibly proud and honoured as locals took to Facebook and YouTube to call these actions for what they were, pointless, irrelevant, and of course in bad taste. Our local farmers and town hall organizers have remained steadfast, armed with facts and unwavering dedication. As the concerns of our farmers garnered widespread support, the far-left extremists fell silent, recognizing that emotions have their limits, while facts do not. A valuable lesson learned, we presume.

In conclusion, our response to these left-wing extremists is not an attack but a defence of our community’s values. We must expose their hypocrisy and their misguided attempts to silence opposition. While they may preach inclusion, diversity, and love, their actions speak otherwise. We do recognize the serious weight of propaganda, control, and manipulation which has fallen heavily on their shoulders, however. These global NGOs have spent considerable time and resources to prey on the susceptible minds of our community. While we understand these fears are driving their intentions, we must stand with logic, reason, and support from our community. We stand united, committed to our values, and determined to build a brighter future for all who call this place home. Together, we are stronger, and together, we will prevail against any force that seeks to sow discord and division within our ranks.

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DML October 14, 2023 - 8:20 pm

Pretty much sums up the hateful attacks and extreme prejudice we have seen over and over from far left radicals and activists that attack farmers, families and children.

Michelle October 14, 2023 - 8:33 pm

Thank you for addressing this.

Ruth October 14, 2023 - 10:43 pm

I would like to see a similar article explaining what happened in Victoria at the hands of these rabid zealots..then I will personally send the article to 3 individuals that I know are in the left wing group
Thanks for everything you do to expose these agendas


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