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Hollow Promises of Paper Excellence

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A Community Betrayed

In the heart of our community, the recent indefinite curtailment of operations at the Catalyst Crofton facility by Paper Excellence has left 75 employees without work, shattering lives and dimming the economic future of the Cowichan Valley. This stark turn of events, coming just over a year after a celebrated $18.8 million infusion from provincial and federal coffers, raises profound questions about the stewardship of taxpayer dollars and the opaque dealings of a company with deep foreign ties.


The Crofton mill, a cornerstone of our local economy, now stands as a monument to broken promises and misplaced trust. Despite the significant government investment aimed at securing jobs and enhancing operational efficiency, the community has been left to grapple with the fallout of a decision that seems as sudden as it is severe. The explanation? A cocktail of inflationary pressures, soaring energy costs, and a stark lack of domestic fibre supply. Yet, one can’t help but wonder about the strategic missteps and financial management that led us to this precipice.


Our skepticism is not unwarranted. The narrative of Paper Excellence, with its labyrinthine connections to foreign conglomerates, has always been a subject of intense scrutiny. The company’s expansive lobbying efforts, coupled with a history of securing substantial government support, underscore a pattern of influence that merits a closer examination. The ties to China and the broader Asian market, in particular, have stoked fears of external interests overshadowing local needs and priorities.


As we stand in the shadow of a silenced mill, the echoes of the past year’s assurances loom large. Where did the $18.8 million go? How was it spent? And why, despite such significant investment, are we facing a future where our workers are cast aside, our community’s resilience tested, and our faith in corporate promises shattered?


The anger and frustration that grip our town are not merely the product of economic hardship but of a profound sense of betrayal. The arrival of the premier and the fanfare surrounding the government’s investment painted a picture of a bright future that has, in the blink of an eye, dissolved into the grim reality of job loss and uncertainty.


The dialogue surrounding the closure has been replete with corporate platitudes about minimizing negative impacts and respecting agreements. Yet, these words offer little solace to those directly affected by the curtailment or to a community that has been led astray by the allure of stability and growth. The stark contrast between the promises made and the reality we face is a bitter pill to swallow, raising valid concerns about accountability and the true cost of external investments in our critical industries.


The story of Paper Excellence and the Catalyst Crofton facility is a cautionary tale of globalization’s pitfalls, where local communities bear the brunt of decisions made in distant boardrooms. It serves as a clarion call for greater transparency, rigorous oversight, and a reevaluation of our economic dependencies. As we navigate the aftermath, our resolve to protect our workers, preserve our community’s integrity, and hold those in power accountable has never been stronger.


We deserve answers, and more importantly, a path forward that honors the hard work, dedication, and resilience of the Cowichan Valley. Let this moment be a turning point, where the voices of the affected rise above the din of corporate interests, shaping a future that truly reflects our values, our needs, and our unwavering spirit.


Paper Excellence Canada to indefinitely curtail paper operations at Catalyst Crofton mill

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