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Introducing Dr. Martin Barker

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Hello Cowichan Malahat Langford.  I am Martin Barker and I am planning on being your Conservative candidate in the riding for the next Federal election. 

I have lived here since 1993, been a Duncan City Councillor, have been a long-time conservative activist sitting on the Board for many years in all positions.  I was the Conservative candidate in 2015, the fateful year our country shifted towards high deficits, lower standards of living, poor quality healthcare, out of control addiction in our streets, revolving door criminals, incompetence and regular scandals. I am a father of one. You’ve probably seen my letters to the editor.  Some of you have felt first hand the passion I have for our region as a volunteer and activist.  I tried to step away from politics, it is an ugly career choice. But if you’re like me, you’re worried about where our country is heading. I feel compelled to step forward.

I’m more fortunate than most, when my house, like many on my street, became a target for vandals and thieves I sold and moved, many can’t.  My neighbourhood became a thorough fair for the ever-growing masses of addicted homeless. I can still afford food, although I still feel a big bite at the till; many are struggling to provide food for their families.  Like many, my lived experience tells me I am doing much worse under NDP-Liberal leadership.  I have a good job, and I struggle to get ahead. I know I am not alone in worrying about the future for my child and my future grandchildren. 

I am looking for support in the nomination race for the federal Conservative party.  I want to be the common sense representative of our riding.  You can support me by buying a conservative membership and attending the nomination meeting (date unknown), follow me on my social media, donating to our local Conservative EDA (so we can afford a good election fight next year) and to me if you support my nomination.

Let me fight for you in Ottawa, we know the NDP hasn’t and we know the Liberals won’t. Support me as your voice of reason in Ottawa. I will fight for our riding.

Martin Barker


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