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Life On Wheels Community Update

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As we persist in highlighting extraordinary individuals in our community who take matters into their own hands when governments fail, we turn our attention once again to Cheryl and her remarkable volunteers from Life On Wheels, applauding their ongoing evolution.

Life on Wheels (L.O.W.) originated as a small outreach initiative, providing a foundation where the homeless and addicts could rely on a hot drink and a place to sit and chat. The primary objective was to encourage guests to eventually seek the detox services offered by L.O.W. Cheryl and her team secured a few trailers, successfully administering detox services to members of the community. Subsequently, volunteers facilitated their transportation to the mainland for rehabilitation. Since then, L.O.W. acquired a 27-foot-long donated Winnebago, serving as a mobile warming shelter during cold nights, capable of accommodating 12 people. This initiative aims to provide warmth and protection to those in need.

Additionally, L.O.W. began renting a house where the team undertakes the intensive rehabilitation of women, incorporating vitamin regimens, therapy, and outdoor fitness. The women live together, sharing household chores as a cohesive team, and to date, the home boasts a 100% success rate. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the L.O.W. team must relocate from their current residence and is actively searching for another space to continue their impactful work. The trailers are now designated for male detox and are managed by male volunteers who have successfully recovered and wish to contribute back to the community.

As Life On Wheels continues to expand, they are in urgent need of more volunteers and financial support to sustain and enhance their operations, emphasizing their commitment to not accept any government funding. Those interested in contributing or volunteering can reach out to Cheryl at 250-706-2428.

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