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LtE: A Perspective on Climate Change and Natural Factors

by Westward Independent
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I’m sure the anti-fossil fuel climate change activists will be out in force due to the current heat wave in eastern Canada. Before you blame CO2 for this heat event, consider the unusually intense solar radiation and the natural “greenhouse” barrier of water vapour trapping heat at ground level. It’s called humidity. Got it?

If you continue to believe the flawed “anti-gravity theory” of climate change, go ahead. CO2, like water vapour, cannot rise to 15 km above the planet to form a greenhouse layer and trap heat. It’s heavier than air and stays closer to the ground. Understand?

This letter is for publication, but as usual, the Times Colonist may ignore it. If you receive this message, please pass it on, especially to those in the East experiencing this temporary climate change.

John Walker

Cobble Hill, B.C.

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