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LtE – BC Government’s Herbicide Management Plan

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Regarding the BC Government’s “Development of a Pest Management Plan” in The Bulletin’s Nov. 15 issue (p. A 15), to use 22 different herbicides, including glyphosate and 2-4 D for non-specified invasive species, while we are already exposed to thousands of unnatural toxins, would it not be worth it to limit treatment to long-delayed manual cuts, which create healthy jobs in fresh air? The duration of the program from 2024-2029 to eradicate these plants, some of which may actually be medicinal, indicates that the program is neither effective nor efficient.

I told a friend, diagnosed with prostate cancer, about this program and he bemoaned the early days he worked in forestry and was exposed to 2-4D as the going herbicide of choice. Cancer is rampant in our society, yet we keep proliferating the use of toxins, as if we can’t see a connection. These chemicals enter our waterways, our air, and plant life, consumed by us and wildlife. We are not immune to the continued exposure of such an abundance of unnatural chemicals.

When the costs of medical treatment and disruption of lives for increasing cases of cancer, some more aggressive than ever, are taken into account, most of us would agree that elimination of unnatural chemicals is well worth any expense of non-chemical treatment of invasive plants.

It is difficult to believe that our society is so antiquated as to use outdated, harmful approaches to curb plant life. When it comes to our lives, saving money, profits, and the economy are not our first concern. I urge others to read the public notice and respond to the Ministry of Forests. If not us, then who will protect our environment?


Lavonne Garnett
Nanaimo, BC

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