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LtE: Density Mandates: A Call for Common Sense and Fiscal Responsibility

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I have read several articles in mainstream news that the Federal Government and now our BC Provincial Government are making glorious press releases about legislating local governments to create large increases in density in their Land Use By-Laws. In my opinion, these announcements are total gaslighting for votes with absolutely no thought as to who and how we are going to pay for the infrastructure required to support this increase in density. Things like water, sewer, transportation, medical support, roads, highways and parking.

 I sit on a Board of Directors for a community water system. More density means greater water storage or more drilled wells drawing down the aquifer. We strive mightily to keep up with the increasing environmental laws and demands of new drinking water regulations, dam safety regulations and keeping the aging system working while trying to keep the service affordable. We apply to governments for infrastructure grants only to be turned down forcing us to have to borrow and heap more costs on to the people who worked hard and bought a home in the area.

In the last year or two, the federal government has brought in over a million immigrants who need jobs, homes and amenities. I am not against immigrants but some common sense is needed in meeting the infrastructure requirement needed to support all of these people. Right now the bill is being picked up by the ordinary working person and homeowners. I urge people to write or email our federal and provincial governments and ask for financial help supplying the local infrastructure required to meet the needs of the utilities to deal with the increased density being forced on them.

 This year we have a provincial election and next year a federal election. I beg people to look very closely at your candidates and look for common sense and a desire to be fiscally responsible while dealing with our many problems and stay clear of candidates that are only concerned with flashy news releases with no thought to consequences other than creating votes and large governments who don’t answer hard questions with anything but memorized talking points that are nothing but baloney.

 Sincerely, John

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