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LtE – Drug Pilot Project

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There is insanity in the BC Courtroom and lawlessness in BC’s parks and playgrounds.

Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson of the BC Supreme Courts has ruled against seniors, disabled people and families with children and come down solidly on the side of drug users.
When BC said yes to follow the federal government’s encouragement into a highly experimental “pilot project” and decided to decriminalize illicit drugs, that included fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, meth, and MDMA as long as it was only 2.5 grams, all of these dreadfully debilitating drugs were allowed legally into our fair province. But, there was a stipulation: Don’t do drugs within 15 meters of playgrounds, wading pools, and outdoor skate parks. 15 meters doesn’t seem like a lot to me. However our police force was instructed by our government not to arrest any violators but were told to move these drug addicts on. And there were, of course, plenty of violators.

The Harm Reduction Nurses Association took the province to court as they considered the law unconstitutional to drug users. Chief Justice Hinkson ruled that forcing the drug users to move on was violating their Constitutional Rights. In May 2023, Premier Eby said “Nobody wants this activity affecting our kids, and we will do something.” But we have now entered 2024 and where is the “something” that Premier Eby promised? Nowhere in sight!

Apparently, children, families, disabled persons and seniors are second-class citizens according to Chief Justice Hinkson. They do not have the same rights as drug users and the often repellent behaviour that accompanies their addictions.

During the pandemic, our society learned the importance of children having free play. The masking, absence of play and interaction with other children brought forth a lower IQ amongst these unfortunate children.

The NDP government wants more intense, heavier buildup of all cities and towns, with a goal to lead to 15 Minute Cities. Where are these people with little or no yards supposed to go? Now the very people who use the parks most: families with children, disabled people and seniors are being intimidated out of our public parks that the taxpayers of BC have paid for!

I would be extremely uncomfortable if I was in a park with my grandchildren pushing them on swings and a drug user sat in the area and started shooting up. I would definitely feel intimidated out of the playground. I would feel afraid for both the child in my care and for my own safety. After working hard all my life and paying a lot of taxes, I find that I don’t have the protection of the law like a drug addict does. Premier Eby’s government lost in Court to a Chief Justice who probably lives in a beautiful home with a large yard and doesn’t need to go to a park to enjoy nature but probably goes to Whistler or his summer cabin to enjoy it.

Why do the rights of a few addicts trump the rights of the many ordinary people? If Premier Smith and Premier Moe have enough guts and strength of character to use the “Notwithstanding Clause” to protect their provinces from the federal government’s voracious appetite for yet more taxes, than surely Premier Eby should have the strength of character and guts to use this same “Notwithstanding Clause” to protect our most vulnerable citizens: children, disabled people and seniors. Premier Eby: Stand up for your citizens, use the “Notwithstanding Clause” now!

A disgusted citizen,
Carol Money

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