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LtE – Helicopter Hunters

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Concerning Parks Canada killing 84 deer on Sidney Island for $834,000.00, I have a question: “Does that cost include all the money that was spent planning this event?” My calculations say that the actual price is $9,928.58 per deer. 1,765 pounds of meat was harvested or, put another way, 21 pounds per animal, putting the cost at $472.52 per pound! I have harvested quite a few deer in my lifetime including fallow deer. Getting only 21 pounds of meat per deer tells me they have only cut off the hind quarters and thrown the rest away as any deer I have harvested, after processing, is 50 pounds and up.

The final irony for me is that the shooters hired to shoot the deer on Sidney Island came from the USA and New Zealand. Canada has produced some of the finest marksmen and markswomen in the world. To make it worse the shooters were firing from helicopters using semi automatic weapons which were equipped with sound suppressors (silencers). This form of hunting and using sound suppressors is totally illegal in Canada and anybody caught doing it would most assuredly be headed straight for jail.

This spending of taxpayers dollars by Parks Canada seems to be right in line with the wasteful spending and policies demonstrated by our federal government.

Sincerely, John Money

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