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In hopes of keeping Free Speech alive, something we hope our democracy will still honour. We have all been living in very strange times these last four years. In 2020 we were all together with the “Pandemic” looming ahead. Being ‘good Canadians’ most of us complied with what our Public Health system told us to do.

But then there was a ‘great divide’ created by the Narrative given to us on all mainstream media. People, doctors, scientists were vilified, and ostracized, for asserting any opinions that differed from the Narrative. Did you not find that a bit odd? Only one opinion or belief was allowed. This does not sound very scientific to me. Science is supposed to be a continual discussion of evidence and proof with differing ideas on the table. Well, this was just not allowed. Many very reputable doctors and scientists lost their jobs just because they dared to question the Narrative. They were concerned about their patient’s health, a valid and honourable concern. This great divide harmed many people. Friends and family were pitted against each other, when supporting each other was crucial. All kindness left. A quote by Kahlil Gibran says it well. “Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers.” Perhaps we need more snow? Unfortunately, the divide still exists. Meanwhile in the midst of this people were censored on social media and unable to question anything. The Narrative had to reign supreme. And why did this happen? Follow the money. Big Pharma gives huge buckets of money to government agencies, universities, hospitals, doctors, politicians and public health agencies. They want to ensure that their profits are big and that no one is going to interfere with the sales of their products. If any of these entities want to keep their funding, they have to follow the dictates of Big Pharma. You know the saying, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” We were all told to follow the science, but they never actually gave us any verifiable scientific proof, and we were supposed to take that as the truth. The Narrative given us was pure propaganda. Fear is a commonly used psychological method to get a population to comply with what you tell them. Fear-mongering to keep us all in line. Fear helps suspend one’s ability to exercise critical thinking. Critical thinking clearly was not the norm or allowed without being gaslighted, a most despicable behaviour of division.

And then came all the mandates which were based a lot upon modelling, which in fact turned out to be very wrong as time has proved. Over these years much evidence, research, data and intelligent analysis has been gathered. The Lockdown harmed many, businesses lost, school children set back, jobs lost and the horror of not seeing loved ones in care homes and hospitals or attending funerals or gathering in any groups. Sweden did not lockdown and fared no worse than countries that did.

And then came masks. At first Bonnie Henry said they would not help, then she changed her tune and mandated them. I believe they were mostly theatre. Current solid science, not pseudo science, has proven that whether you wear a mask or not, your chances of catching covid or any other virus, is just about the same. There was no treatment protocol for covid allowed except the oh so reverent ‘vaccines’. Ivermectin was vilified. Funny thing that it saved many lives where it was used, like India. Also Ivermectin in 2015 received a Nobel prize, being a very good drug with no major side effects. That fact was just buried under the rug. Now, the proverbial rug is getting quite lumpy with so much information stuffed under it. All this because Big Pharma and friends wanted the ‘vaccine’ to be the saviour. In order for it to be approved on the fast track emergency path, there could not be any other drugs that successfully treated covid. So just vilify any other substances and gaslight people for even thinking of them. This clears the way for all that money to be made on world wide mass vaccinations. Don’t forget to follow the money, honey. We were all told the ‘vaccines’ were ‘safe and effective’. Many trusted public health and got the jabs. None got informed consent since we were not informed of any possible problems with the jabs. And now that much time has passed, solid scientific data has come out showing that they were neither safe nor effective. They ended up not stopping transmission or illness. Hum, isn’t that what a vaccine is supposed to do? And there have been a huge number of people injured or killed by the ‘vaccine’, but these facts are just more lumps under the rug. I call that an example of ‘disinformation’ given to us by public health, government and the media.

But anyone saying anything opposed to the safety of the ‘vaccines’ was labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ spouting ‘misinformation/disinformation’ and vilified. FYI, the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was popularized by the US CIA for anyone telling truths that the CIA did not want us to know, ‘inconvenient truths’. ‘Kill the messenger’. Robert Kennedy has been maligned as an anti-vaxxer. If anyone actually ever listened to him, he clearly has stated that he is not against vaccines in general. He and his family had all the vaccinations. He only wants the manufacturers (Big Pharma) to do sufficient safety testing, proving their safety, before rolling them out into people’s arms. And the Covid shots did not have all the necessary testing to be really sure they were safe. That is all he is saying and for that he is ostracized. Big Pharma has immunity from any harms from their vaccines. Back to that terrible Divide that has been put upon our society.

We keep hearing about the terrible shortage of doctors and nurses all across Canada, especially BC, which by the way is the only province that still mandates covid shots for health care workers. BC has many who lost their jobs because they did not want to get the ‘vaccine’. We could really use them now, but Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix will not let us. Very illogical. All of my information has been gathered from lots of research looking at solid science (all verifiable), not the pseudo-science we have been fed. We need to heal the Divide for the sake of our country’s soul. Will your newspaper help or hinder our recovery?



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