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LtE: Neglected Heritage: The Demise of the Cowichan Valley Hockey Stick

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Dear WWIND, 

The hockey stick will disappear shortly. Why? The Cowichan Valley Regional District did not maintain the stick on a regular basis. That is applying high-quality waterproof paints, varnish, and stains regularly. Also regular maintenance checks on the structure in regards to surfaces affected by weather conditions. Complete ignorance on the part of the 18 directors who sit on the board of the Cowichan Valley Regional District. These 18 directors do not ignore their own personal assets. They all have regular maintenance done on their vehicles and maintenance of their homes.

The reason the CVRD gives us is that there was never any money available for the maintenance of the hockey stick. Why? The CVRD has an outrageous wage cost that is out of control like a stage four cancer. Total wage costs in 2019 were $19,512,340. Total wage costs in 2023 were $24,347,235. That is an increase of $4,834,895 or 24.7% over 5 years. In 2019, 43.2% of the payroll was for employees earning over $75,000 per year.

These percentages just keep rising year after year.  In 2020, 47.4%, in 2021, 49.8%, in 2022, 50.6%, and in 2023, 57.9%. The yearly salary for the General Manager of Community Services was $170,806 in 2019. The yearly salary for the General Manager of Community Services was $194,701 in 2023. That is an increase of $23,895 or 13.9% over 5 years. Outrageous. Taxpayers can no longer keep paying this kind of wage. Employees earning these high wages do not need any more wage increases. There is a limit to every job’s wage. Surely, with these outrageous costs, there could have been money available to pay for regular maintenance on the hockey stick.

In summary, the hockey stick will be gone, and taxpayers will have to vote out of office, the 18 Board directors because the above data once again proves that these 18 directors are not qualified to sit on the CVRD board. Unbelievable!

Joe Sawchuk, Duncan 


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