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LtE – Pest Management Plan

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Applicant: Ministry of Forests, Range Branch, 441 Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2T3


invasive.plants@gov.bc.ca, 604-996-4683 RE: DEVELOPMENT OF A PEST MANAGEMENT PLAN (APR 15, 2024 – APR 15, 2029)




I have lived in BC my entire life and my family and I enjoy the wilderness that beautiful BC has to offer. I am concerned about the above noted application that I read about in my local paper, the Comox Valley Record on Nov 15 + Nov 22, 2023.


I had a look at the PMP Draft report. I notice that the specific details about the affected locations for the treatment areas are not indicated, why is that? What locations will these herbicides and chemicals be applied? Are they areas in which people frequent and access recreationally? What about the animals, pollinators, birds and other wildlife that may come into direct contact with the herbicides and chemicals – has this been considered? I also noticed that ‘Cultural Control’ is noted in the plan – what exactly is that? Who decides what is considered ‘cultural’? We need plants and trees to produce the oxygen we breath and they in turn, take our carbon dioxide and provide food and valuable nutrients and ingredients. When herbicides (insecticides and pesticides) are sprayed and applied, they often affect more than the intended target. The residue lingers and can travel through the air and water. I am very concerned with the health and well being of the animals, wildlife, insects and pollinators that reside in the various areas. I am also concerned about the humans that live nearby or visit the various areas. 


How will people be informed that they may come into contact with harmful chemicals when they hike through a forested area? Will there be signs posted and if so, for how long before and after the application of herbicides and chemicals? How about the people hired and tasked with the application of these herbicides and chemicals – have they been properly informed of the risk?


What if any human, pet or animal end up developing cancer or another adverse health event from exposure to these herbicides and chemicals? Who is liable, who is responsible? There are lawsuits against Bayer for it’s product, Roundup, which contains Glyphosate (as referenced in Appendix A.3). Has this type of approach as noted within the proposed draft PMP been proven successful? If yes, please provide the details to substantiate that claim. Arich bio-diverse forest self-manages. 


Why isn’t biodiversity part of the plan? This type of proposal will not encourage biodiversity but rather assist with mono-culture, which can make things worse. This is a four year proposed plan for a large portion of BC and the public is only invited to reply for 30 days – this is inadequate and not meaningful to the public (or the environment) that will have to live with the consequences of such a plan. The notice was only put into a local newspaper for a couple of weeks. Why isn’t this information being put out through our local town/city councils? People are not being properly informed about the risks associated with the ‘proper use’ of multiple chemicals (within the herbicides) that are proposed to be used. I have many concerns about the chemicals. The public has not been given an opportunity to be properly informed or to have meaningful input.

– Hilary Jones Comox Valley, BC

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