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LtE: Premier Eby Baloney Factory

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Reading the Times Colonist article on March 16, 2024, where Premier Eby calls Pierre Poilievre’s letter asking Eby to drop the carbon tax as it is inflationary. Eby response that Pierre’s letter was “a baloney factory” made me think I was listening to a debate when I was in junior high school. Suggesting that BC residents get more money in rebates than they spend on Carbon Tax is poorly thought out as well as being untrue.

The inflationary results of Carbon Tax doesn’t stop at the gas station. Let’s look at food. The farmer has a large carbon tax bill, then the trucker to the processor pays a lot of carbon tax. The processor pays carbon tax. Then again, the trucker moving the processed food to the wholesaler pays carbon tax. Then the trucker moves food from the wholesaler to the retail stores and pays yet more carbon tax. Then there is the carbon tax on heating the retail stores! This keeps multiplying the carbon tax over and over and over again. Pretty much the same formula applies to all manufactured goods we buy.

The glib comments from politicians such as Premier Dave Eby that it only affects the rich is far from reality. There is real pain going on with the application of these Carbon Taxes on the ordinary people of BC and of Canada.
It is time we had a common sense government who will kill these taxes and allow some prosperity to come back for the citizens of Canada.

J. Money

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