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LtE: Rising Property Taxes: A Struggle for Seniors in Duncan

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Dear WWIND, 

Today I received my City of Duncan property tax notice. I was nervous about opening it, as last year I faced a $300 increase from the previous year. This year’s bill is $441 MORE than last year! How on earth does an octogenarian on OAS and CPP, happy to volunteer but with no prospect of getting a job, no partner to help with their pensions;  no alternative affordable living in sight, and having just paid $1000 more for home insurance than last year, with the cost of groceries through the roof be expected to face these amounts?  Add on the water meter reading costs which exceed the cost of the actual water usage, and highly priced hearing aids and glasses, and don’t be surprised to be offered MAIDS if it all becomes too much!! 

One cannot help but think that the World Economic Forum’s goal of “you will own nothing by 2030” is being supported by local as well as provincial and federal governments. I imagine our single-family homes, worked and paid for over a lifetime, are already being coveted by developers who will replace them with fourplexes that will bring in more property taxes; while we live in our vans or worse.

P. Foot. Duncan 

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