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LtE – Say No To Toxic Spray

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Reach out to your local Regional District Director today! Stop the spray of these toxic chemicals into our waterways and on our wildlife!

Contact: Ministry of forest invasive.plants@gov.bc.ca.

Phone: 604-996-4683


B.C. Forest’s invasive plant pest management plan “A pesticide use permit is an authorization to sell pesticides, apply pesticides to public or private land, to apply pesticides as a service, or for specified industrial uses on water” (there is a list of 23 Gov. approved chemicals for use in pest and invasive species in this notice). These permits will not only allow for traditional land based spraying but will also include spraying in bodies of water and adjacent areas including mudflats at low tide and beaches and marshes.

Below are some facts re. the proposed chemical to be used in this aquatic application. I believe a thorough search would prove 99% of the other chemicals in their “insect and weed control” arsenal would prove to be as (and much more-so) toxic, and more far-reaching than their intended target species. (Eg. Did you know that the “weed control” sprays used by forestry companies kill not only “weeds “but also arbutus, poplar, birch, willow, fireweed and many other species which are critical to many regional animal species?)

Trade name-”Habitat Aqua”-The active ingredient of this spray is Imazapyr. “Effects on fish:…. is “practically” non-toxic to fish, birds, mammals.*practically… means there IS toxicity present. Only “non toxic to fish birds mammals..” should be acceptable. Imazapic is a herbicide used to control “selected” annuals, perennial grasses, and broadleaf weeds”. “Selected”…just because they will kill the targets, doesn’t mean they will ONLY kill the one or two targeted species. Imazic shows moderate to high mobility in the environment, with a moderate potential to leach thru soils and contaminate groundwater also absorbed thru leaves and roots where it is transported to other parts of the plant. “Imazapic is “expected” to pose negligible risk to workers…”. “Estimated” risk to fish and invertebrates is “estimated to be low…” The second ingredient (carrier) is Alcohol Ethoxylate which has created some concern in the European Union on toxicity to aquatic life

I fear that in our stampede towards ‘Net Zero” something vital is being ignored…our environment and nature itself is being left in the dust (or in this case, a cloud of toxic spray). The fragility of our plants, animals and water systems are being ignored. There are 23 chemicals listed in this current application. These toxic mixes should not be sprayed in our forests, our backyards and our waterways. There is no known/proven long-term data on outcomes and impacts on our ecosystems regarding the consistent use of these chemicals..this is the test case, happening in real time.

Consider DDT…this chemical was used for 30 yrs before its damaging effects were “officially” recognized. What is the purpose of striving for a Net Zero utopia if our vital flora and fauna isn’t there to share it with us? Demand the BC Gov. rethink their approach to “pest management” and halt these ongoing applications. Please give this matter the serious attention it is deserving of and give them your feedback. If this application is approved these toxins will be ingested, absorbed, and inhaled by all ecosystems and inhabitants (uncontestable) until 2029, wherein another continuing application will be set forth.

Sincerely, Kate Macdonald

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1 comment

Lorene January 27, 2024 - 6:46 am

Thank you Kate for your detailed analysis of this absurd plan. I did a bit of research on this and found government paid consultant studies that summarized the most efficient method for control of invasive species was humans.

Seems we have lots of homeless, some of whom might appreciate a way to earn their room & board. Some might appreciate spending some time in nature and learning about plants. It might help them have some purpose, while getting fresh air & exercise.

Just a thought that might be given equal opportunity to the idea that free drugs, free food, free apartments is helping these disadvantaged people. Results surely don’t support what is currently being done in Cowichan.


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