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LtE – Secret $61 Million

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Every news media secretly took part in a $61MILLION Trudeau pre-election pay-off from your tax dollars.
When news of this “emergency relief” payout to Canadian media was first leaked out, it was dismissed as “Misinformation”, a term the Federal govt. has overused when anyone says anything they don’t like. It was, understandably, not mentioned at all in any Main Stream Media (MSM) Newspaper, nor CBC taxpayer-funded news. Nor was it acknowledged when newspapers, such as the Cowichan Citizen, were asked about their “bribe” of $160,292. This money was granted to MSM publishers under the guise of “ensuring that the public received timely information about the upcoming election”. Nearly 1,500 news media took the bribe. The total amount paid out is more than $61 Million because this list doesn’t include individual reporters, just the companies. The details were obtained from the Federal Govt. when Rebel News filed a Freedom of Information FOI.

Vancouver Island and most BC newspapers are owned by Black Press. On p.3 & 4 of the complete list, you can see that Black Press was given over 5 Million dollars to cover the elections “properly”. If YOU received a bribe, might you be inclined to print whatever you were told to print by the briber? Might this news be considered an influence on the election results? Did you agree that the current Liberal government could spend $61 Million of YOUR TAX DOLLARS to ensure they were re-elected?

The Westward Independent, on the other hand, is an independent newspaper supported entirely by readers who want the facts and the truth. In the link below, you can verify the amount of money given to every newspaper in Canada, out of your pocket. Perhaps this is one reason that so many people have lost faith in mainstream media. True journalism can only be seen in independent news sources, which are thankfully on the increase since COVID-19 started. This is a positive outcome, as more people choose to look beyond what they are being fed by a government that seems destined to lower the Canadian standard of living; increase the cost of living, and increase regulations in every aspect of our lives; including free speech, health care, education, food sources, banking, and transportation.

Reference: https://www.rebelnews.com/exclusive_news_media_who_secretly_took_trudeaus_61m_pre-election_pay-off


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