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Wednesday, September 20th, I was there.

And I had my 10-year-old daughter with me.
The peaceful protest, in support of children and parental rights, was a shit show.
Let it be known that the VicPD are the ones who demanded the organizers shut down the event or they would be pulling their support.

It was getting dangerous.

There were a lot of moving parts, and the Antifa-looking activists filed off a bus and walked
to the legislative grounds around noon, were sent there to do their job of causing alarm, division, distress and violence if needed.

The police did little to keep things under control and de-escalate, and when it had clearly gone too far, they decided WE had to pack it in. The aggressors were validated in their behaviour and the peaceful, lawful protest was shut down.
The POLICE unplugged the mic, they ended it.

The island was united in a message yesterday but divided by distance.
With a hot-button issue like the gender ideologies being pushed in our schools and on our youth, and the heavily funded and supported unions and activists, we cannot afford to be separated by towns/cities.

In Victoria, we were outnumbered 3:1 (so I’m told), with more arriving nearing the end of the day. Those of us who did show up, were vulnerable and at risk that afternoon in Victoria. Although I was never truly “afraid”, I know many who were and others who were traumatized by this event. Including people from the trans/ally community.

What I witnessed was distressing and heartbreaking.
If we DO NOT band together now, show up and be visible and brave, I don’t know what people think they will have to face it in 1-3 years from now. Our communities, our youth, are crumbling.
For those of us who did show up, I am PROUD to have been amongst the majority of you, who held the line in love and peace. The aggression and hatred were spewing out of the vast majority of the counter-protesters, and we did not sink to that level (at least not from what I witnessed).

The whole time I was standing there facing the crowd, showing a heart with my hand, my daughter standing beside me doing the same, all I felt was genuine sadness for the individuals that were screaming, swearing and signalling violent gestures towards myself and others. It was hard to watch, especially the youth who were so distraught and full of hate (ironically holding signs that said “love wins” or “no room for hate”)

We saw what happened at the legislature grounds, first hand. It was hard to ignore the hate and
anger coming so viciously from the counter-protest side, and not notice the resolve and calmer,
more loving gestures from the protesters who showed up for parental rights, children and their families.

Shame on the members of the LGBTQ and ally community that continue to push that narrative and REFUSE to listen to the actual reasons and concerns of the people attempting to protest peacefully. You are hurting your own people and dividing our communities.

Yesterday cannot happen again, but I imagine it will. Unfortunately, this topic is incredibly divisive and heavily funded. Yet, this issue will not be bullied away. Parents have drawn the line with their children, and their voices will only continue to grow and get louder until true dialogue and reason are brought to the table.

Savanah Wright

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