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Question for the No Space for Hate people


Where were you in 2020 when BLM, a human rights group, protested and rioted throughout the US and Canada, while everyone else was under travel restrictions and various forms of lockdowns, 10% of the riots caused destruction, burned buildings and National flags and even occupied a large part of Seattle for several weeks under armed occupation? Police kicked out at gunpoint. The riots even led to the deaths of 9 people in the US… Were you kneeling with them like Justin? You were silent because the media told you this was good.

Hate is hate.

Where were you in 2021 when they weaponized the media against unvaccinated people, saying they can’t be trusted, they’re selfish, wishing death upon them, encouraging them to be ostracized and shamed, banning them from society almost entirely, refusing them medical care to THIS DAY? All of which we now know to be completely unscientific speculative reporting..

“The unvaccinated do not believe in science, who are often misogynists, often racists, too; it is a sect, a small group, but who are taking up space, and here we have to make a choice, as a leader, as a country, how long do we tolerate these people” -Justin Trudeau on La semaine des 4 Julie, a popular Quebec talk show program You were silent because the media told you this was good.

Hate is hate.


Where were you in 2021 when 69 Canadian churches were vandalized or even burnt to the ground over speculative reporting from the media about the potential unmarked graves?
You were silent because the media told you this was good.

Hate is hate.

Where were you in 2022 when the freedom convoy, a human rights group, marched across this country, piled into Ottawa, honked their horns and had a dance party without violence, without burnt buildings and nobody died to stand up for their human rights?

The media calls them racist, extremists, white supremacists etc. You were chastising, mocking, scoffing, disowning and discrediting them because the media told you they were bad.

Hate is hate.

Now we are here in 2023, where the media is trying to say that parents are an extremist hate group, full of bigots for questioning why a belief system is being implemented in public schools. Politicians, unions, federations and districts are openly calling for people to “demoralize, insult and bully” parents for taking this guarded position with their children.
You support this because the media says it’s good. Because hate is only hate when you’re told it’s projected towards you.

Hate is hate.


The only thing greater than your absolute hypocrisy is your complete ignorance of the fact that the media plays to your emotions and fears like a well-tuned fiddle. “Journalistic Standards” right. I reject hate in all forms… no matter what I’m told by the strangers on TV.



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