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I went to the Legislature Buildings on Wednesday, September 20th, to listen to speakers for the 1MillionMarch4Children and Parent’s Rights Rally.


As the presentations started, a very aggressive noisy group started to form in the center of the grounds shouting about LGBT rights and Teacher’s Union beliefs.
This confrontational group moved in on the speakers, screaming and yelling and surrounding the podium. Police had to move in to hold them back and I could see the worry on their faces.

I watched as the Union LGBT activists surrounded a group of Muslim families screaming at these people at the top of their lungs “Go Home!” and “Go Back To Where You Came From!”. I have never seen such overt racism displayed publicly in my life.

The tension was very high and it looked like this group of Union LGBT Activists were coming close to working themselves into violence. The speakers packed up their sound systems and left, surrounded by concerned police trying to protect them from these violent agitators.

Upon reflection, I remember seeing in the news our Prime Minister and many Federal and Provincial Politicians with long faces apologizing to the native communities for the terrible mistake their Colonial Forefathers made forcing the education of Colonist’s beliefs and cultures onto native children without the consent of their parents.

Here on the eve of these apologies, I am witnessing our Prime Minister and many Federal and Provincial Politicians, the teacher’s unions and the LBGT community forcing their beliefs and culture onto Canadian school children against and without the consent of their parents.

I write this letter not to downplay the tragedy of First Nation’s children but to say we are again seeing elected officials in Canada thinking they know better than parents and forcing their beliefs and cultures onto schoolchildren and their families.

Don’t make the same mistake twice by hurting family units and trampling on their cultures and beliefs.

John Money
Duncan, BC

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