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LtE – Snowpack Declines

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When it comes to “climate change” the Corrupt Canadian Mainstream Media (CCMM) doesn’t seem to want to ever give up on promoting the FRAUD.

(“SHARP DECLINE IN SNOWPACK DUE TO HUMAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE: STUDY”). Times Colonist, article from Canadian Press. Jan.11/23

Soooo, it’s “human-caused climate change” now? If I may ask, where in hell is the proof that CO2, from the burning of fossil fuels, causes global warming, and subsequent decline in “snow pack”? Well, I’ll be damned, the “researchers out of New Hampshire Dartmouth College say it’s from, now get this folks, ”climate models”. Yup, models. And when it comes to climate change, models have proven time, and time, and time again, to be unreliable. The known fact is there is no proof whatsoever, that CO2 is causing our planet to warm. Hey folks, don’t believe me? Then go looking for it. But the CCMM will never stop pushing the bullshit.

John Walker, Cobble Hill

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