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LtE – Sprayed Poisons

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The government uses Canfor (Jimmy Pattison is the owner, who also owns Save On Foods) to spray poisons all over BC and this has been happening for a very long time. We have just never been notified as citizens. They are killing all plants that are broadleaf. That also means food for deer, moose etc. And when those toxins go into wildlife, via their skin and their foods, it makes them sick too. It affects our foods as well since a lot of us are hunters and foragers, myself included.

They do not notify us in regards to any spraying in BC. They spray along the highways above us in Kelowna which is a major animal corridor and nobody in our area is let known. The forests around us are sprayed and they haven’t told us. They may put a notice up somewhere on the net, but they don’t let citizens know personally, otherwise, more people would know about these acts of killing our land. Fact is, hardly anyone knows about the poisons sprayed all over BC to keep the competition away from the pine. There are campers and outdoors people everywhere. These poisons should not be used at all. Not at all! And they use these poisons on clear cuts before tree planters even go in. This stuff is in the ground dirt and on plants that they are touching. Even small amounts are not healthy for any living thing. Not insects or us, or bears, deer and moose, etc. As a past tree planter, we weren’t even told about these poisons in the area that we were working. Decades later I found out about these poisons being sprayed before tree planters go in. This is horrific to find out because as a tree planter, I wanted to plant for our earth and yet the job put me right into the poisons.

They sprayed these poisons at the hotel at 3 valley gap along the lake/railway illegally even only 2.5 yrs ago. We could see all the red dead trees along the lake along the train tracks and up, which is right beside the lake by 20 feet and less. Huge fines are handed out to CN or CP rail but the fines are like a slap on the hand to them. They didn’t care that they put poisons in the lake. If there was notice to the people, this never would have happened in the first place. Fined? That’s all??? It never should have happened in the first place! These poisons and all poisons need to stop being used altogether!

It kills all our broad leaf plants (leaves and berries and roots for the wildlife), which adds moisture to the soils and air. The broad leaf plants act as a fire barrier which was clearly seen on opposite sides of sugar lake. The fire went right through the west side (pine area that is so dry with not even moss growing) and only smoldered through the east side (major diverse tree and plant species area with cedars, poplars, pine, hemlock, tons of berries, etc).

These poisons kill everything that creates balance in our forests. I have personally seen this and experienced this. These are my words from my own experiences.

Thank you for being part of a change that is dearly needed and will happen. We need more people to become aware though. We need to stop these poisonous sprays of all kinds to be stopped from being used.

Stephanie Fortune, Kamloops B.C.

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