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LtE: The Truth About CO2 Emissions

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Dear WWIND, 

Interesting the camouflaged “spin” by the federal “climate change” loonie .Environment Minister Guilbeault. “CANADA EMISSIONS REPORT SHOWS SIGNS OF PROGRESS TOWARD 2030 GOA” Times Colonist – from The Canadian Press by Mia Rabson. May 3/24

The words “greenhouse-gas emissions”, used over and over again, INSTEAD of “CO2 emissions” – is deliberate.because CO2 is a harmless beneficial gas required to support life on our planet. “Tones” upon tons of the stuff, going into the air, oh my god, it’s sure to fall and hit you on the head!

“Greenhouse Emissions to give the FALSE impression that CO2 is “rising”and forming a “greenhouse layer”, high above our planet, and thereby “trapping” warm air generated on earth” and causing global warming – bla, bla, and bla. CO2 cannot “rise” as it is “heavier” than surrounding air. It is “mixed” in with air in the lower atmosphere – where it is NEEDED to support life on earth. When BOTH the CO2 and warm air heats up, BOTH  – rise – expand – and cool rapidly. Correct, no greenhouse effect, no trapped warm air by a  non existing greenhouse layer high above our planet. Nope, not even cow fart gas, claimed to be more deadly than CO2. HELLO?

Now, let me see, about the tonnage of CO2 going into the air we breathe? . Mother Nature, and her volcanoes have been pumping gazillions of CO2 and other “poisonous” gasses into the atmosphere since time began. Seems to me we aren’t choking from the smoke and not dying from the poisonous gasses, are we? With those FACTS in mind, how can anyone deny that Mother Nature has a way of cleansing the air we breathe? What we are choking on is the bullshit being peddled by Guilbeault and his “green” loonies followers, as they continue to destroy the economy of our country.

John Walker. Cobble Hill B.C.

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