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LtE – Victimhood be gone

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In the grand theater of modern discourse, where “wokeness” takes center stage, it seems we’ve all been handed scripts for a drama that many of us didn’t audition for. The current production, directed with the best of intentions, no doubt, aims to spotlight social injustices with a zeal that’s both admirable and, frankly, a bit overwhelming. But here’s the thing: while we’re busy acknowledging every privilege under the sun and trying to rewrite history’s wrongs, aren’t we missing the plot?

Let’s not kid ourselves. True progress doesn’t come from casting people in roles based on the backstory of their birth. It happens when we celebrate individuals for their character, their hustle, and the unique flavor they bring to the societal potluck. The real strength of our community doesn’t lie in divvying up slices of the victimhood pie but in creating a buffet of opportunities where everyone gets a fair shot at serving up their best. Navigating the twists and turns of social justice movements today feels like trying to dance to a song with an ever-changing beat. But here’s a radical idea: what if we focused on cranking up the volume on our shared humanity instead? Imagine a world where we’re not judged by the colour of our skin, the size of our bank accounts, or the history books of our ancestors but by the contributions, we make to the big party called life.

So, as we all try to find our steps in this complex dance, let’s remember to lead with a little humour, a lot of respect, and a dash of humility. After all, the future we’re all striving for—one where every person is valued for what they bring to the table, not the table they were born at—isn’t just a pipe dream. It’s a party invitation to create a world that’s just, equitable, and, dare I say, a whole lot more fun.

Keep it spicy – Savid Dlade

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