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LtE – Words Where There Once Were No Words

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I am writing to comment on the deliberate introduction of words slowly being infused into common use.

I attended a recent session regarding the Koksilah Watershed. The presenter, Tom Gleason introduced himself as a “Settler”. After the evening presentation, I tried to speak to him but he had left the building. I was curious as to his intent when he used the term settler to describe himself.

I have read a great deal about how Canadians are being encouraged to see themselves, primarily by the Mainstream Media and through public events such as the one I recently attended. My reading has discovered a troubling movement afoot. By calling himself a settler, the audience is invited to think of ourselves as settlers too.

The next progression is already coming into language use. We are openly being referred to as thieves of the land we own and are also being determined to reside on stolen land. This portrayal of everyday Canadian citizens has the consequence of disconnecting us from our property and deeming us colonial settlers. The image of evil-doing early Canadians is being projected onto segments of the population and historical events all across the country.

Many Canadians are now becoming targets of hate and violence simply because of their skin colour and the history that they did not participate in. Will landowners be subjected to forceful removal such as occurred in the Scottish Highlands during the violent Highland Clearance?

I wish Mr. Gleason had made himself available for the many questions that participants had to ask him. He shared a skin color with many present and I wondered how he saw his future property ownership if indeed he is an owner. Perhaps he is simply a temporary settler with no right to own and occupy his land.

Ruth Waddell – Canadian Citizen and Property Owner

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