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MP Gord Johns Displeased with Protestors

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Port Alberni protestors face NDP MP Gord Johns at the Friendship Center, Sunday, March 23, 2024, to voice their displeasure over MP Johns signing onto the 23% Carbon Tax that takes effect on April 1st, 2024.

MP Johns told the crowd of 15 protestors how the rich oil and gas industry is to blame for the high costs of fuel and not government tax overreach. A very distraught MP complained to the crowd as: “This is not the right place or time for a protest as I am here to help the disabled citizens of Port Alberni”. Johns said, “not to discuss Carbon Tax issues”.

Johns explained he would meet with any of the protestors at another time to discuss governmental issues, however, complaints were shared that mail and phone calls were most often never returned.

It was good to see citizens voice their displeasure to the MP in person over yet another tax initiative that will only impoverish more Canadians and sadly put more on the homeless route that is now a very common sight on Vancouver Island.

At least, to date, Canadians still have the right to voice their opinions and as Officer Tomy Vezina said that day; “We will never stop you from protesting peacefully”

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