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Myth of stolen land

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As we see drastic changes to legislation provincially and federally, based around a United Nations Declaration, people are left confused, both Natives and non-Natives.

Letters have been sent from rowing clubs to their members stating that they hear the docks will be given over at the end of March, Marinas being handed over, farmland flooded by NGO’s pinky-promising First Nations areas to harvest long-lost food from, Albertans holding meetings as they watch local councils pass bylaws of expropriation of land, and on and on. There is a blogger who lives on the West Coast who has written about the book ‘Not Stolen’ and written her opinion on the topic. Here are a few excerpts from that blog.

“We can’t grow because of all the regulations placed upon us. Every year a new damned cause, mitigating carbon emissions in the most treed jurisdiction in the world has doubled, even tripled the cost of housing in the past ten years. There are so many people on the streets, they are being offered early state-sponsored death. And of course Indians. The Land Back movement is building because no one contests it. What it means is that Indians (read the hard left) are demanding the “return” of coastal property worth tens, if not hundreds of millions, free of charge. Because: stolen.”

“Racism is the most poisonous accusation that anyone can throw at an enemy and the left uses it liberally.” “Of the thousands of people I know, fewer than five have been to a reserve or reservation, eaten in an Indian house, been invited to sit in council. Why? They are the worst places in the civilized world. It’s like going into a desperate town in Soviet Russia. Grinding poverty, terrible roads, no vegetables, and hopelessness.

I have Indian friends with fantastic ideas that they won’t get off the ground in a thousand years. This is a direct result of the left’s activity, of its ruthless use of native Americans. It didn’t used to be like that. Jamie’s and my family hold the bloodlines of four indigenous tribes. His eldest son has Metis status, and quite separately, his great grandmother was a full-blood Assiniboine. In the late 1700’s, one of my ancestors married into Joseph Brant’s Mohawk family, and my great grandmother’s cousin was the famous Mohawk poet, Pauline Johnson. My great-aunt married into the Blackfoot. Pauline died of breast cancer in her 50’s plus she was broke. My great-grandmother and her friends nursed her through her illness, buried her and erected a statue to her in Vancouver’s glorious Stanley Park. Does all that sound racist to you?

Indians, 100 years ago, were part of our world. They walked in and out of our houses. We enjoyed their presence, we had Indian friends, partners, family. Now they are immured in reserve-prisons, created by the worst political operators on earth. Why? The foul stinking poison of the left. Wherever they win, they inflict misery, poverty and death.

“I don’t know whether you know Indians, been on their reserves in their houses, or have sat in council, but they are the sweetest people I’ve met, kind, empathic, funny as hell and sharp with it. If I were them, I suppose I’d sign onto the Marxist grift, it’s possible. But one thin wedge in and your entire world goes to shit. This was their choice: Anglo-Saxon Protestant discipline or Marxist grift. Whatever demagogue in the tribe who muscled his or her way to power and chose Marxist grift determined their present. I know many indigenous trapped by these demagogues.”

“It’s polluted our culture. Want to start a business? There’s the climate grift, the conservation grift, the water shortage grift, the low-cost housing that-is-never-built grift and lastly the Indian grift. The Indians here have to approve your land use. If you say anything against any of this, you cannot build, you cannot operate, you cannot make money. Even if you want to “give back” and develop a low-cost housing neighbourhood.”

“The reason your town or county stumbles along, everything ugly and decaying, crappy buildings, roads broken, people living on the streets, drug or alcohol addiction in every family, is because our bureaucracy is trying to bust us back to the stone age, using climate, Indians and social justice.”
You can read the full article on Elizabeth Nickson’s Substack Jan 20th, 2024 ‘The Putrid Myth of Stolen Land’

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