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Parents questioning the system

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I am writing anonymously because cancel culture is so prevalent these days. Despite having thick skin, I worry that my child might suffer at the hands of ultra-”progressive” and “inclusive” teachers if I were to identify him.

Have you ever watched a School Board meeting? It mainly consists of board members discussing the events they attended, emphasizing their progressiveness, and engaging in a lot of self-congratulation. The reality within schools starkly differs from their self-congratulatory behaviour, with abysmal literacy rates, extremely low attendance rates, and rampant mental health issues, highlighting where the current system’s priorities lie.

Here’s an interesting fact: children are informed in Grade 8 that they cannot fail grades 8 or 9. How motivating is that for children who already don’t particularly enjoy school? Not much, which is why you see so many children roaming the streets during school hours—why attend when it doesn’t matter?

But the most significant issue in schools goes beyond this. The woke mind virus infiltrates nearly every class. Teachers accept sub-par work, assign projects that discourage critical thinking, and guide children toward a specific way of thinking while presenting it as a ‘choice.’ For example, my child had to choose a social justice category from a list including ‘defund the police,’ ‘BLM,’ ‘anti-colonialism,’ ‘me too,’ ‘LGBTQ,’ and more. The instructions were to research the movements and create a poster ‘selling’ the chosen movement.


In another assignment, children were told to research a topic but only use “trusted news sources” like CBC, CTV, BBC, and GLOBAL, restricting their information sources and telling them what is to be deemed “trusted”. Another project involved watching a propaganda-filled, shocking video depicting the end of the world in 2024 with civil war, starving children, and climate catastrophes—five minutes that would unsettle even an adult, to what end? In an English class, meant for grades 11/12, children were taught basic language skills like capitalizing sentences and using commas!! The same class primarily focuses on First Nations stories, not out of interest of the child, but because it’s mandatory for graduation to take one First Nation-themed course. These stories don’t celebrate the culture’s lives and rich traditions; instead, they focus on portraying the ‘evil’ actions of the ‘white man.’

The class lacks reflection on the ongoing government control over the First Nations and ALL its citizens nor encourages comparisons to past and present brainwashing and demands for conformity in schools Many classes emphasize issues happening elsewhere and climate change, topics over which children have no control, leading to increased depression and hopelessness. The school now promotes certain agendas, creating eco-warriors who fear the imminent end of the world, confusing children about their gender, and burdening ‘white-presenting’ children with guilt for actions they never committed. Few classes instill hope, inspiration, or critical thinking, despite the schools preaching ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance.’ Don’t let the 300 multi-colour flags in the school that are supposed to represent ‘tolerance’, ‘inclusion’, ‘diversity’ fool you.


In reality, they only practice these traits if the child conforms to the ‘correct’ way of thinking. Many children admit to telling teachers what they want to hear on assignments, even if they don’t believe what they turn in. Instead of learning practical life skills like taxes, children are exposed to the belief system that says that the world is filled with racism, bigotry, hate, and climate disasters, forcing them to pick a side: ‘helpless victim’ or ‘guilt-filled oppressor.’ Is it any wonder that youth mental health continues to decline?

Questioning the need for the current education system, father.

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