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Pitfalls in North Cowichan’s EV Fleet

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In recent reports from the Cowichan Valley Citizen and the Chemainus Valley Courier, the decision by the North Cowichan Council to transition its municipal fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) has come under scrutiny. This report aims to provide a cautionary perspective, shedding light on information that might have influenced the decision and urging a reevaluation due to potential financial implications for North Cowichan taxpayers.

The news articles prominently featured statements from Jennifer Ashcroft, a self-proclaimed “climate change scientist,” who asserted that the municipal fleet accounted for 735 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2021. However, a closer examination reveals that this figure represents the weight of fossil fuel consumed by the vehicles, not the actual weight of CO2 emissions. This distinction is crucial as it forms the basis of the decision to transition to EVs, raising questions about the urgency created by the use of this tonnage in the reports.

Furthermore, the report highlights concerns about the alleged “fraud” associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which has shaped the narrative around global warming and severe weather events. The report delves into the purported misinformation and questions the urgency to replace the fleet based on the IPCC’s theory of CO2 causing global warming.
An individual named Geoff Strong, described as a local “climate scientist” with a Ph.D. in atmospheric physics, is brought into the spotlight due to his potential influence on the decision. Despite his qualifications, concerns are raised about his agreement with the IPCC theory and his role on the Environmental Committee.

The core of the report challenges the IPCC’s theory regarding CO2 causing global warming. The theory suggests that CO2, emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, rises to an altitude of 15 km above the planet, forming a “greenhouse/CO2 layer” that traps heat and causes global warming. This report dismantles the theory, emphasizing that CO2, being heavier than surrounding air, cannot rise to such altitudes. The alleged layer’s thickness and density are questioned, considering the continuous rise in CO2 emissions since the Industrial Revolution.

In the interest of transparency, the report offers to share email exchanges with the IPCC during an investigation on the subject. It urges the council to engage in a comprehensive review, considering data from various sources and perspectives, to ensure informed decision-making.

The report also addresses the potential environmental and ethical concerns related to EVs, including the destruction of the environment during battery mineral mining, child labor, fossil fuel use in the mining process, and the economic feasibility of battery replacement. It raises alarms about the dangers of lithium-ion batteries and the need for a thorough risk assessment.

It is crucial for the North Cowichan municipal government to consider all available data before making decisions that could impact taxpayers significantly. The call for a reevaluation is based on the need for decisions to be grounded in evidence, facts, and truth. The report concludes by seeking a response from the council, emphasizing the importance of reconsidering the decision in light of the presented information.


John, Municipality of North Cowichan, Duncan

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