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Port Alberni Log Train Trail Townhall Sees Community Voices Heard

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This is a third townhall organized by ACRD Directors Fred Boyko and Susan Roth with Cherry Creek Director Mike Sparrow joining in on June 18, 2024 at McLeans Mill, in Port Alberni, BC. 

The 18-km Log Train Trail Regional Park runs through all three ridings; Cherry Creek, Beaver Creek and the Beaufort Range.

The jest of this townhall was to listen and educate the users of the 18-km Log Train Trail about the proper Etiquette regarding horses, motorized vehicles and walkers. 

Although the Alberni-Cllayoquot Regional District (ACRD) is still awaiting lease approval from Transportation Department and the Ministry for motorized and horse trail use;  ATVs, dirt bikes, and horses, are now a common sight. The main concern, however, is respect for all users.

Motorized vehicles yield to bicycles, walkers and especially horses. “The last thing we want is to spook a horse – then have an accident and have to kill it,” Director Boyko told the crowd of over 100 attendees.

Bicycles yield to walkers and horses. Walkers yield to horses and dogs are to be kept by walkers command. Signs regarding the etiquette of trail use will be mounted once gvt. approval is given.

Some residents complained about motorized vehicle noise that have increased since the multi-use trail was accepted. But that was quickly overridden as Boyko said “You move to a residence by the airport and then complain about the noise.”

Many issues were discussed; maintenance, ie “If a tree falls down and by one hour, it should be delt with,” Boyko told the crowd. A community of trail users is the design the directors want to see.

A committee is to be established by varied users to work on future fair use for everyone of this wonderful trail as there are still many issues to be dealt with.

It is a welcome community endeavour sought by so many for so long and let us hope this new open outdoor group venture will thrive for years to come as so many trails and roads have seen locked gates and closed access to the public in recent years.

– Charlaine Lacroix, Port Alberni

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