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SAN Group Packed Immigrants in Deplorable Quarters

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News of immigrant workers crammed in an old mobile home and framed building with no running water and a bedroll for sleeping quarters made the headlines over the Canada long weekend.

After various sports teams heard about the deplorable conditions the Vietnamese workers were living under, letters to MP Gord Johns rolled out and our elected official took action and alerted Canada’s Immigration Minister.

The Peak Radio Station in Port Alberni said 16 Vietnamese men were moved out of Port who had been housed with 24 other men in cramped quarters and charged $350 a month rent for a single bedroll.

The immigrants stated they paid $30,000 to come to Canada and were promised $30 an hour wage but upon arrival were told they were to earn $18 an hour with no overtime, no real shelter and a charge for a bedroll.

Over the weekend Major Michael Ramsay of the local Salvation Army brought in the Salvation Army’s “Human Trafficking Unit” to Port Alberni to move some of the men to safe accommodations.

This is not the first time the SAN Group were caught treating immigrants like livestock and taking advantage of the more unfortunate.

According to the Peak News, a local Vietnamese Kim Tran said, “This is the worst – I have never seen people live like this in Vietnam.”

– Charlaine Lacroix, Port Alberni

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