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Tax Hike Outrage: Cowichan Valley Residents Rally Against Soaring Costs for Green Dreams

by Adrienne Richards
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Locals in our area will notice that they are on the Province’s radar when it comes to speculation after receiving letters demanding that you ‘prove’ to the province, on an annual basis, that you indeed do live in your home.

The Province has sent out letters with your magic code to log into an online data collection site, where you can then take the steps to verify your status as a resident, under the notion that this will help the so-called housing ‘crises’. From the BC website: “More than $81 million will help fund affordable housing projects where the tax applies 83% of the revenue comes from foreign owners, untaxed worldwide earners, Canadians living outside B.C. and “other” non-B.C. resident owners”. Yet according to bcbuildshomes.ca, they do not pay for, or subsidize, low-income rentals, and the province states often that that is not in their wheelhouse.

It appears that everything is eventually meant to be under constant surveillance and documentation, aligning with the global objectives of monitoring and tracking all resource use, land usage, animals, and more. The explicit aim is to create a comprehensive data bank of the world. Adding to the farmers’ existing burden of monitoring, Premier Eby has announced the province’s contemplation of implementing a version of this speculation tax on farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). As of our knowledge, the Province has not approached the ALR, and there are no details available on what would qualify as ‘underused’ farmland at this juncture.

Numerous questions surface concerning these speculation taxes. Is it a legal tax, considering it did not originate in the House of Commons? Some argue that by examining the definition of ‘speculation,’ it lacks evidential support, and if brought to court, it might be viewed as blatant malfeasance, breach of trust, and in bad faith. Notably, failing to submit the letter automatically subjects one to the additional tax, potentially interpreted as a submission under duress.

Feeling the squeeze yet?
A. Richards

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