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Two Hours Notice to Evacuate And Take No Belongings

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Residents of the Port Pub in Port Alberni, BC, were given two hours notice on May 29, 2024, to evacuate their residence as the building was deemed having “hazardous materials.”

After parts of a ceiling caved in, and some drywall was hit, tests were run on some of the fallen drywall where it was determined to contain asbestos. The building was then found to be an “Airborne Hazard.”

There are quotes from 24 to 27 residents (no one seems to know exactly how many people rented rooms it seems) who had to be relocated – some finding permanent housing while others were allocated shelter spaces.

The City CAO Mike Fox said “They will bring the residents’ items to a place so they can get their belongings.”

The building is in disrepair and a demolition order is underway. Concern over which governmental agency will foot the bill is now the issue – the Provincial Govt., the City, BC Housing and/or the owner.

The fact remains, the unknown amount of residents living in these quarters for some time were evacuated once the hazard notice was given and allowed only two hours to move without their personal belongings.

The Port Pub is situated on the main drag of Port Alberni where the town’s waterfront center just blocks down the road has seen much refurbishing with multiplex condo structures built and being tabled to be erected.

Many of the city’s old buildings contain asbestos with no mention of hazardous situations where the residents or workers are needed to be evicted.

In my opinion, this was a good reason to evacuate the building, get the building demolished, put the lot up for sale for tax costs and see another multiplex condo highrise erected in the center of the city where the complete community or 15-minute city design is being highly pushed.

– Charlaine Lacroix, Port Alberni

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